Is it Time for You to Build a Team?

I’m going to give it to you straight up here… unless a few clients and a bit of income is all you want; it’s not a smart move to do everything for your biz yourself. In fact, it keeps you from success.

Let me own up… in my first years as a coach I did everything myself except for web design. Not only did it postpone my financial success, but worse, it kept me in the “I can’t afford it” mindset which bled into my ability to attract ideal clients. It’s a Catch 22.

multi-tasking-business-owner-rhonda-hess-prosperous-coachAs soon as I upgraded my mindset and hired assistants, I also upgraded my income significantly. I have the greatest creative team – four people who free me up for more meaningful experiences in my biz. I no longer work for money, my money works for me.

Don’t fool yourself by thinking you don’t care about money, if you allow not having enough money to hold you back from what you want! It’s such a set up!

The saddest words I hear from entrepreneurs are “I can’t afford it.” When you focus your precious time only on the things that attract great clients, you always have the money to afford whatever “it” is.

Get worthy. Invest in your own success. If you do not, neither will your prospects. Believe me, if you come from a poverty mindset, so will your clients – and then guess who isn’t enrolling enough clients to thrive? You.

How do you know if it’s time to hire an assistant?

The signs are crystal clear:

  • You’re constantly distracted away from actions that will most help you succeed – networking, connecting, enrolling.
  • You’re spending precious time learning something you’ll never be able to leverage or monetize (such as web design).
  • You’re spending hours doing something that would take a Virtual Assistant minutes.
  • You’re losing passion for your business.

Okay, I say this with love… if you cannot give yourself and your business a fighting chance by dedicating your resources and focusing in on what will bring you success, this is not the time to create a coaching business.

I literally could not be successful without my team. They “afford” me the time to serve my clients well, be a visionary, innovator, and world class thought leader. They:

  • Remove the need for me to hold onto details.
  • Complete all repetitive tasks 10x faster than I could.
  • Create and manage project plans and promotions.
  • Impress my clients and colleagues with their care.
  • Keep me organized and on track.
  • Upgrade my website, systems and files.
  • Create my squeeze pages, sales pages, and pdfs.
  • Post my blogs, push them to social networks and article directories.
  • Manage recurring customer service issues.
  • Collaborate, advise, and brainstorm ways to grow my biz.

I’m never alone in my biz and we have fun together!

8 Steps to Starting Your Own Business Team

  1. Make a list of the things you “play at” and plan to do them 30% of the time at most.
  2. Make a list of what YOU need to learn and do because it will help you connect with future clients, enroll clients and keep clients (such as marketing, networking, connecting, enrolling). Plan to do these things at least 50% of the time.
  3. Make a list of what distracts you, frustrates you and keeps you away from the high payoff actions that will get you more clients. Look for a Virtual Assistant who has the skills to do those things for you.
  4. When you hire a team member, share your work-style preferences up front to make sure there’s a fit.
  5. Talk to at least two references.
  6. Get a written contract with clarity about:
    • fees.
    • confidentiality.
    • early notice for vacations or time away.
    • notice is needed to terminate the contract (usually 30 days).
    • that you own any work product created for you.
  7. Treat them as a team member. Stay current. Be interested in their success too.
  8. Allow time to get up to speed and get used to each other.

Comment below about what your team does for you. How it’s changed your business. Or, ask any questions about having a team of your own.


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