Build Your Coaching Client List Faster with This Simple Tool – by Kenn Schroder

This is a guest post by my friend and colleague, Kenn Schroder, the Coaching Website Specialist…

One key to growing a big list fast is to make sure your opt-in form is very prominent and very easy to use.

Many coaching websites tend to, with very low effectiveness, place the opt-in box low on the home page or buried within the site. This is not ideal for building a list.

Enter AWeber’s “light-box” style opt-in form.

In addition to being a sweet email list management service with great support, AWeber has a very nice form generator tool that enables you to create your opt-in forms.

One such form is the “light-box”.

The light-box form is a pop-up box that “grays out” your website into the background so that the sign-up form is front and center.

Here’s a screenshot of my website with the light-box form activated.

Build Your Coaching Client List Faster with This Simple Tool – by Kenn Schroder

Do you see how the background is grayed out and the invitation for the sign-up box is front and center?

Do you see how there’s a handy “X” in the upper right that people can click if they’re not interested?

Three reasons why it’s sweet

1 – It’s easy to implement. AWeber gives you a form generator where you can choose templates or create your own if you’re tech savvy.

If you’ve got a web designer on hand, he/she can easily customize a form with graphics to match the style of your site and highlight your free giveaway. 

Once designed, it’s simply a copy and paste of a short block of JavaScript code into your site and you’re off and running. Have your web guy or gal do it – and remember to test it out by subscribing.

2 – It’s smooth.

The word pop-up might seem like a cuss word these days but this light-box style of popping up is very agreeable with users because it can be set to pop-up once per day and it can pop-up with a delay of 20 seconds so as to not interrupt the visitor too much.

Basically, experiencing a light-box popping up is like meeting someone new at Starbucks who happens to have a lot in common with you and the idea pops up, “Hey, we should stay in touch” and you quickly grab their email address and then resume your conversation.

It’s smooth, unobtrusive, and respects your visitor’s attention.

3. It increases opt-ins.

Reports from many websites claim a significant increase in opt-in rates. And it’s quite obvious when you experience it.

The only way to confirm that a light-box is worthwhile is for you is to test it out. Determine your opt-in rate before installing the light-box and then after for a fixed period, a week or a month and compare the results.

In summary

If list-building is important for your business growth, if you’re using AWeber, and you’ve got value to offer ongoing to your market, then adding the light-box to increase sign-up form is must.

Kenn Schroder, Coaching Website Specialist
Kenn Schroder, coaching website specialist, helps coaches build client-attracting websites. Get a free copy of his report, 5 Website Strategies for Attracting Coaching Clients at

  • Erika Kalmar

    Great tip. Ken, (again) your expertise shines through…

  • I’m embarrassed to admit that before reading this I hadn’t give any real thought in how better to convert blog readers into opt-in members of a communication list.  Thanks Ken!