How a book can bring you more clients

This article is by go-to book publishing expert, John Eggen, of Mission Marketing Mentors.

Did you realize that the moment you decide to write a book, you can begin to leverage the idea to attract new clients and revenue? are 3 ultra-simple ways to earn up to $150,000 from your book (BEFORE it’s even published).

1. Turn Every Email You Send into a Client Magnet

  • Create an email signature line that announces you are authoring a book.
  • Then place the title in the signature line for your emails using these exact words: “Author of the forthcoming book, (insert your title and subtitle here).”

It’s that simple. Jeanna Pool, tried it. She reported, “I got two new clients and $25,000.00 in income, all within 30 days of starting my book. It took just three minutes to use John Eggen’s simple technique.”

2. Turn All Your Introductions into Business Magnets

  • Simply announce the title and subtitle of your forthcoming book in all the prepared introductions about you.
  • This includes introductions made by others, or you, in all your public presentations, your marketing materials, on your Web site, in your bio, in your media kit, etc.

This only takes a few minutes to do.

Kathleen Holland tested it while she was writing the first draft of her book. She reported, “In just the first four months, I booked an extra $48,000 in fees to me. Now I have more inquiries for my coaching programs than I can handle.”

3. Put Your Elevator Speech or Audio Logo on Steroids

  • Add news about your forthcoming book into your elevator speech or audio logo and automatically attract more business.

Independent professional, Michael Cannon, started using this method as soon as he started writing his book’s first draft.

Cannon reported, “I’ve been getting 30-40% more first meetings with CEO prospects and a 25% increase in those who closed. I’ve also been getting less negotiation on price, because they perceive me as an authority.”

Use two or more of these “no-brainer” methods and you can multiply your results.


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