Play a Bigger Game Today than You Did Yesterday

Why do some coaches and consultants fill up their programs with ideal clients in just a few months, while others struggle to get just one client? I’ve been studying this a long time. The answer to this mystery isn’t what you might think…

  • It’s certainly not that they are more skillful.
  • It’s not that they have a slicker website or more experience marketing.
  • And it’s not certifications or advanced degrees.

It’s that they play a powerful inner game.

From the Inside Out

From the moment you come into this world, you are enough, just as you are. And that value does not diminish with time but grows as you courageously express yourself and show up fully, even when it’s not easy.

Sure, smart strategies, new skills and savvy marketing make a difference. But it’s buffing up the inner game that makes an ordinary person into a winner. You can see it in the Olympics. Two performances may be technically perfect but it’s the one shining their brilliance that gets the gold. Not that a silver or bronze is anything to sneeze at. It’s important to remember that any win is a win worth celebrating.


We can almost see what’s happening on the inside. A powerful inner game.

Three Secrets of Winning

1. Spend more time building yourself up. If the loudest voice inside you or the one that whispers most intimately is putting you down, realize that it’s talking trash. Seek out the one within you who wants to play a bigger game. Give that part a mega-phone. Hire a coach to help you raise your courage and possibility thinking. Go after the gold — that in itself is the WIN!

2. Value your time in every way you do business. This is the best way to learn to value yourself intrinsically. Your time on this earth is precious and sacred. Act like you know that from the way you think, to the way you speak, to the fees and standards you set and what you decide to do with your time. If you value your time, it will show up as valuing yourself which is the winning way. And value other people’s time too.

3. Show up and play for keeps. If you think you want to be an entrepreneur, go for it with everything you’ve got or move on. Truly, nothing can happen until you fully show up with courage and motivation. That is something you generate from within and bring into action. Get up and get the word out about the highly valuable services you offer. Be willing to take risks and get out of your comfort zone every day. That’s how your world expands — and what follows is more income, better opportunities, star clients!

True prosperity starts on the inside.

And here’s the thing — a new entrepreneur can do this just as well as an experienced one. I’ve seen it over and over in my own clients. Everyone is a diamond in the rough. The polishing happens by showing up, making mistakes, and showing up again.

Imagine This Life. . .

  • You wake up and choose where to put your attention moving slowly and deliberately.
  • You know that your feelings don’t define your value or your future.
  • Your focus is on being at the cause of your life rather than the effect.
  • You notice the every day riches that come to you.
  • Challenges and fears don’t make decisions for you.
  • You bless the income you receive. You earned it, so it’s sacred.
  • You pay your bills with equal joy, acknowledging how privileged you are.
  • You are full of wonder at people, nature, even the state of the world, because you sense a greater current of strength and love.
  • You’ve stopped dreaming about life or thinking “some day”. Today is always the day.
  • You now create the life you want, one step at a time, without attachment to outcome.

So, brilliant people, I call you to your play a bigger game today than you did yesterday.

Please share your thoughts and reactions, your stories and what you know about the winner within you in the comments below.



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