Why it Pays to Be Well Known (and what might be keeping you from it)

Do you ever wonder how all the big name coaches and thought leaders got to the top? I used to think it was about years of experience, but it’s not. And, it’s not even about expertise or how much your clients love you (although it can help).

When it first happens it feels like you’re stepping onto a fast luxury train. It’s very exciting and smooth. Some sort of critical mass is reached where suddenly you’re the bomb and everyone knows it:

  • The right opportunities roll in (instead of the kind that waste your time).
  • Someone gives you a book advance or you’re asked to keynote for 5 figures.
  • People come out of the woodwork to promote you to their big lists.
  • You hear all the time “You’re the best there is.”
  • Your list suddenly grows exponentially.
  • Your time is in such high demand you must double or triple your fees.
  • And you realize you have to hire money managers because it’s flowing in.

Your star has risen! And now you’ve got the high-class problem of having to turn down opportunities and clients. But then you expand your team (into a lovely little family) so it’s possible to scale up without having to work harder.

I know not everyone wants a business like that, but don’t you want some measure of “having arrived”? At the very least you want to become THE top of mind go to person for your niche so it makes your life easier, more enjoyable and prosperous.

But what do you really need to have going for you to become well known?

You may be surprised…

  • First, you need to believe in yourself. Truly, it’s a requisite of consistent long-term success.
  • Next, you need to stand for something and stand out in the crowd. That means there has to be something unique and magnetic about you, your message… OR something unique about who you serve and what you do for them that they really want – your niche.

That’s what it means to be special-ized! (Sorry, being a generalist coach with a big niche or several won’t ever get you there unless you’ve got a rolodex of people who can’t wait to hire you.)

What you say…? Where’s the exhaustive list of other stuff you need, Rhonda? Seriously. That’s all you need.

Now for my fellow introverts out there, please know you don’t have to be a rock star to get the rock star perks – such as more and better clients who pay well, stay longer and do your marketing for you (and other goodies). Any coach can have that. I’m living proof.

I’d like to show you the easiest way to GET WELL KNOWN and become a coach in high demand for your little or big “empire” (with a consciousness and grace of course).

Learn about Your Highly Profitable Niche.


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