Apply for ON AIR COACHING with Rhonda

Apply for ON AIR COACHING with Rhonda

It would be my honor and tremendous fun to coach with you for Prosperous Coach Podcast. I want to help you get unstuck and take a leap in your coaching business!

What Is On Air Coaching?

On Air Coaching is an exciting way to be mentored by Rhonda Hess, 20 year international business coach for coaches. Read more about Rhonda.

We’ll record a one-hour session on one very specific challenge for your coaching business. If all goes well, part or all of the recording will be included in a future episode for Prosperous Coach Podcast.

How Does It Work?

  1. First you’ll fill out the form below completely and agree to the terms. Be sure to hit Submit!
  2. If your application is accepted, Rhonda or a team member of Prosperous Coach will email you full instructions and a link to Rhonda’s calendar to set up the recording time. It will include a list of questions that Rhonda will ask you during the recorded interview.

    To be a good candidate, you will need:

    • To be in a quiet, private and uninterrupted space for 90 minutes on the day of your On Air Coaching. Make certain that kids, barking dogs or any other prevalent noise-making won’t interrupt our scheduled time.
    • High speed WiFi, a computer, a good headset and quality microphone (not handheld but in a stand) with a USB cable that plugs into your computer.
    • To provide a professional biography, such as the copy on your About webpage, that directly relates to your coaching business.
    • To provide a professional headshot. Appropriately sized images will be at least 1080 x 1080.
    • To be open to refining or narrowing your audience and niche in the strategy session with Rhonda unless you’re 100% certain that you have already landed a solid niche.
  3. Read the instructions /questions as soon as you receive them. Immediately reply with any concerns or questions.
  4. You’ll meet with Rhonda on Zoom for 90 minutes. In the first 1/2 hour recording levels will be set up You’ll chat off-the-air about on air ground rules and the direction of the call.
  5. When all is set up and clear, Rhonda will move into the session with you for approximately one hour.

On Air Coaching Application

NOTE: I am currently booked for ON AIR COACHING through June!

(If you want support to choose your target audience and niche sooner, sign up for a Strategy Session.)

To be accepted for ON AIR Coaching, please completely fill out the form below. Be as specific as you can.

Then read the release agreement, check the box to agree and click submit.

We’ll be in touch soon!

** This is critical for a good quality recording.

I understand that Rhonda Hess is not a therapist. I am fully responsible for my own thoughts, feelings and actions during and after our coaching/mentoring session.

I understand that there is no guarantee that my agenda will be fulfilled in this session.

I understand that Rhonda Hess and her company Bubbling Well LLC intend to record my On Air Coaching Session for possible publication by the Prosperous Coach Podcast.

I hereby grant to Rhonda Hess and Bubbling Well LLC the right to use the audio or video recording of my On Air Coaching Session, including my name, voice, appearance, likeness, words, bio and business identity, and any other materials I provide in connection with my On Air Coaching Session (collectively the “Session”). The Session may be used in whole or in part for the Prosperous Coach Podcast, for a transcript or show notes thereof, or for any other electronic or print publication, streaming or display, including any related use such as promotional materials.

Rhonda Hess and Bubbling Well LLC may edit the Session in their discretion, and have no obligation to make use of the rights granted in this agreement.

I hereby grant to Rhonda Hess and Bubbling Well LLC the irrevocable right to reproduce the Session in any format and to distribute, prepare derivative works, and publicize the Session without compensation to me. Bubbling Well LLC shall own the worldwide right, title and interest, including copyright, in the Session.

I agree that during my On Air Coaching Session I will not violate the rights of any third parties (including copyrights or privacy rights), and I will indemnify and hold Rhonda Hess and Bubbling Well LLC harmless against any claim that I have violated such rights.

This agreement shall be governed by Colorado law, constitutes the entire agreement of the parties, and may be amended only in writing.