4 Questions to Bring Your Coaching Business Out of the Fog and Into Focus

Ever feel scattered or aimless in your coaching business? Like you just can’t get any traction?

You’re crystal clear about your desire to make a big impact and contribute to the success of the human race. But somewhere in the drive to do that, your energy and attention gets scattered and ineffective. It’s pretty painful, especially if the lack of clarity sticks around for very long.

Of course, focus is the answer. Focus clears your mind and spotlights what to do next. Pinpointed focus renews your courage and confidence.4 questions to bring your coaching business out of the fog and into focus

I’ll tell you, on days when I feel unfocused, nothing worthwhile gets done. My response? I’m outta here. I had a day like that last week and, seriously, I just blew off my to-do list and took a mini vacation.

I’ve learned to let myself have days like that, because 85% of the time I am focused, and the result is always awesome!  On those days, I start my day feeling on purpose, energized, motivated, and ready to take high payoff actions. And I end the day feeling grateful, more prosperous and relaxed.

What Makes the Fog Gather

What causes that feeling of ineffectiveness to creep in? I’ve seen it over and over in the coaches I work with, and it usually comes down to this. They don’t have a solid grip on who they serve and what those folks really want.

If you’re even a little fuzzy about who you serve, what they want, and how you fit into that picture, then you don’t have a clear direction for your business. So, it’s more difficult to push forward on projects, create and fill your coaching programs, and attract a steady stream of clients. Of course, that means you’ll miss out on making a great income too.

The good news is, clarity on those points is closer than you think. Commit yourself to finding the answers for a few fundamental and pithy questions about your coaching business, and you’ll have pinpointed focus most of the time. Then you’ll be able to cover lots of ground quickly and get where you want to go.

Focus is Knowing Who, What and How

Here are four powerful questions that, once you’ve answered them, will bring focus to everything you do in your coaching business.

  1. Who do you serve?
  2. What do they say they want most?
  3. What do they say is in the way of their reaching that outcome?
  4. How can you can help them bridge the gap between where they want to be and where they are now?

You can answer the first question on your own, as long as you have a good sense of what makes for a viable coaching niche. For the other three questions, you need to do some informal research with the people you serve. If you decide for them what they want, you may miss the mark and get into a muddle all over again. Because what you offer won’t get their attention and motivate them to invest.

When you know who you serve, what they want, and how you fit into that picture, you have a clear overarching direction for your coaching business. You may lose focus on a particular day, or struggle with a particular project, but you won’t be confused about your real value to a real audience. And it will get easier to discern and complete high payoff actions every day.

If you want support to answer those four questions for yourself, I invite you to check out my signature system Your Highly Profitable Niche. In five simple steps, I’ll walk you through how to choose your own highly profitable niche, and then how to do simple research to find out what they really want (and will buy from you!). You’ll come away with clarity on your niche market, the message you put out to attract them, and the program offers that will inspire them to invest.

Once that’s done, your direction is set. Then everything you do to create your programs and attract clients will benefit from that clarity and focus.

If you’ve been feeling out of focus, share a comment about which of these four questions isn’t answered for you yet. And share what other methods have worked to get you back in focus and on track.


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  • Hi Rhonda,

    I always enjoy your posts and as I go through your program, I am beginning to see why many coaches are not thriving. The 4 questions are so simply but few are taking the time to seriously sit down and think it through. I love the first question because the most common answer is everyone. We don’t have Coca-Cola’s marketing budget!

    At the moment, I am doing my informal research to get first hand information as to how I can bridge the gap for my clients. Thanks for such a valuable program.

    • Diana, I’m so glad you’re in Ideal Coaching Market and moving into the exciting time of informal market research. It’s fun!

      Nothing sparks your creativity and awakens your understanding of how you fit into your niche market’s world like realizing what they most want and have struggled to achieve. Even Coke has a target market and knows exactly what those people want!

  • Hi Rhonda,

    The problem I have is that I could have so many niches! The technique I use, Emotional Freedom Techniques is so cool! It works for Relationship issues:
    (a couple I worked with used to sleep on opposite sides of the bed with their backs to each other – now they wake up in each others’ arms!)

    Weight Loss
    (someone I worked with lost a stone in a under 6 months, while eating and drinking whatever she wanted – not a diet in sight!)

    Fear and Phobias
    (a child I worked with was freed from a severe wasp and bee phobia – he’d been stung 30 times when he disturbed a nest – and in less than 60 minutes went from going catatonic when he heard a ‘buzz’ to be able to look at and hold a wasp in a jar)
    Trying to have more than one niche though seems like a lot of work, but maybe i could have more than one? What do you think?



    • I understand the dilemma, Laura. But here’s the big question — do you want to be WELL KNOWN and have a following of raving fans?

      In this world of global communication with thousands of messages coming at us each day, it’s critical to get across your unique message FAST and POWERFULLY! If you serve everyone, it’s very difficult to stand out. If you serve one narrow target market and solve one URGENT KNOWN problem they have, you’ll become what Greg Habstritt calls THE Trusted Authority. That’s how you’ll make the big bucks and serve a big population.

      Otherwise, you’ll be just another service provider out there with great techniques.

      Choosing a narrow market is NOT about giving up how you can serve all types of people. This is about making a smart start and becoming known by targeting and becoming the authority. Once you’re trusted by thousands in your market, you’ll be amazed how people who aren’t in your market swarm to you for help as well. But you’ll already have won what you really want — a steady stream of ideal clients who pay well, stay long and refer others.

      Take a stand. Stand out in the crowd. Watch how it makes you that trusted authority quickly.

  • I love this, and agree completely. Live a life of your creation, find happiness in your own stride. Setting yourself up to accomplish some goal for the applause of others especially in business, is really not all that different than not breaking out of the boxes in the first place.

    • Good point! I received this “note from the Universe” (Mike Dooley of http://www.tut.com) yesterday and think in applies:
      Do you really need someone else’s permission, acceptance, wink, or nod, Rhonda, or are you ready to give these to yourself, now?