Too Much Yearning? Try Just Being Here for Now

There’s too much anxiety in the world right now. Do you feel it? The impact on our bodies, minds and spirits is heavy, if all we want is to get away… if we’re just trying to get back to the way it was, or scrabbling so hard to get to our better future that we miss what’s here for us right now.

I’m waxing a little philosophical in this post. I caught myself this morning bouncing around from past to future and then opened my eyes to the lounging Buddha before me.

Too much to do for your coaching business? Just be here now.

I’m big on ambition and so are my clients. But really… all this yearning is a little much sometimes. There’s lots of good stuff in the here and now. And now is the only time we have for receiving it.

If we let the moment go by without receiving the depth of what has come to us, how does THAT impact our future? What are we saying when all we want is more, more, more?

So, I’m offering this moment to myself and to you. A moment to drink in NOW.

  • What’s engaging you? What is wonderful, nourishing, satisfying, delightful, rich, delicious, valuable in your life in this moment? The gift of being an entrepreneur in itself is huge. That I get to work from home. Ah!
  • Have you admired nature today? The shape of the clouds or the buds on the trees? The smell of the air? Or how the birds are more excited because the sap is rising? At this moment, where I am near Boulder, Colorado, there’s a light snow coming down and still tons of birds are chirping, squirrels are digging it, leaping around in play.
  • Think of the people you love. Think of all the people who serve you day in and day out. Think about someone who has taught you something, even if it was hard. Send them your gratitude. My incredible husband, my inner circle of friends, the vast and beautiful world of colleagues and coaches I get to play in!
  • Think about all you’ve accomplished so far. All the ways you’ve evolved.  Think of all the tools, skills and talents you’ve developed. Oh my! I’ve come a long way. I know you have too.
  • What did you have for breakfast? Isn’t it a miracle that was available to nourish you? And feel the fire in your belly always there for you. A happy chicken gave me eggs, a spunky goat gave me chevre, and the earth gave me these amazing herbs. And thousands worked hard to give me that fuel.
  • Bless your heart and feel it beating in your chest. Think about how incredible your body is, all that it does for you without a single thought or push from your busy mind. Feel your aliveness. If I still myself enough, I can feel the blood in my veins and my nerves unwinding into bliss.

Five minutes and I feel better! It’s about slowing down enough to realize the depth of the riches you already have.

What about you? What did you notice? Share in the comments below. What other ways do you have to stay in touch with the truth of your prosperity?


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