3 Ways to Find Courage for Your Coaching Business

It takes ample courage to be an entrepreneurial coach. There are critical decisions to make for your coaching business, such as choosing your niche or hiring a virtual assistant. Every day you get up the gumption to connect with prospects and enroll coaching clients. And there are so many learning curves to ascend.

Here are three ways to raise courage on demand, for all the leaps you need to take as you build your coaching business.

finding courage for your coaching business

1. Realize That You’re in Good Company

There are millions of intrepid coaches and other business owners who have traveled this path before you. They have done and are doing exactly what you’re attempting now. And they felt just as spazzy about it as you feel now. But they did it, and thrived.

Tap into that collective fortitude. You can do it too! And you’ll not only live to do it again, you’ll become good at this (whatever it is that inspires fear today). Bank on it.

Got Resilience?

There’s a vital business asset that almost never gets talked about, because it’s so hard to define. You could call it reserves, staying power, bandwidth – or resilience. Resilience is:

  • When your computer crashes, you know who to call to help you recover.
  • When your workshop doesn’t fill even though you worked hard to promote it, you focus on the lessons that will help you fill the next one.
  • When something just isn’t working, you get twice as interested in how to make it work.

resilience brings success

Whether you can define it or not, you can cultivate resilience. And you’ll be glad you did.

The Importance of Being Resilient

Almost everyone who starts their own business will get pushed to their limits, not once but many times. Face it, this stuff is hard. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

To a large extent, the ones who succeed will be the ones who are the most resilient – the ones who can go to their limit and find that they still have something more in reserve.

Life’s not fair, and some people have been given a stronger constitution than others. But as always, the more interesting part is the part that is in your control. What are you doing to build your resilience today?

3 Wisdom Tips To Master Your Coaching Business

Have you ever had a revelation about your coaching business and then realized how much time and heartache it would have saved if you’d only known that earlier? Let’s share those flashes of wisdom so everyone benefits. Here are three of my favorites.Your coaching business as a tree seedling, an unfinished work of art

#1 You are Primed to Thrive on This Journey

Are you beating yourself up for not being who or where you wanted to be by now? Do you wonder if you have what it takes?

Everyone does at some time. The trick is… don’t wait for the proof of your bright future to believe that you can have it …or you’ll never get there.

How to Enroll Coaching Clients in Any Situation

Dr. Reba J. Hoffman, a former member of Prosperous Coach, has had a lot of wins in her coaching business. Recently she shared a client enrollment story that tickled me so much I had to pass it on.

Everyone who goes through the process of building a coaching business will encounter skeptics who just don’t “get” how valuable coaching can be. If any part of you feels inadequate or unsure of your value, it’s easy for prospects to find that button and push it.

But if you believe solidly enough in yourself and in the power of coaching, you won’t be put off by off-putting opinions about coaching.

When Reba ran into someone with a negative attitude toward coaching, she met it head on, with a very edgy, coach-like response that shifted the experience for both of them. Here is Reba’s story:

7 Steps to Get Back On Track when Life Derails Your Coaching Business

Ever feel derailed from your best laid coaching business plans? Sometimes holidays, illness, family crisis — things that require your immediate attention — can stop your momentum cold.

Every business owner gets derailed by life sometimes. The key, of course, is how you respond. Feeling guilty about what’s not getting done and disappointed that you haven’t “made it” yet will only prolong the stall. Be compassionate with yourself, and use these seven steps to get back on track quickly.

1. Align your expectations with your commitment

Human beings run into all sorts of trouble when our expectations exceed our commitment to success. We’ve put too much stock on the desired outcome and not enough on the experience of getting there.

Think of your coaching business as a journey, not a destination. Then, any unexpected delay or side-trip is simply part of the adventure. Present results don’t define you or your future. Your identity is measured from within, not by what you’ve accomplished.

Think about it… If you’re wholly committed to your own success, then:

Coaches: How Can I Support You in 2010?

Welcome to 2010! This feels to me like an especially potent new year, like anything is possible and it’s time to get really focused on what will make a difference. I’m starting:

  • my thirteenth year as a coach.
  • my ninth year working with coaches to help them build a soul-satisfying coaching business.
  • my fourth year since founding Prosperous Coach to take that mission to the next level.
  • the second year of the Prosperous Coach blog.

I’ve deeply enjoyed working with coaches, on so many levels. But one of the best things has been seeing them reach success so much faster than I did when I started. That just makes my heart sing.