This is Me Being Personal with You…

I’m big on delivering value so most of my posts get right into how to make big progress in your biz. In fact, one of my colleagues, Erika Kalmar, said about my post last week… Wow, this is not a blog post – this is a course! Others pay a lot to get this info you’re sharing here, Rhonda!”

So, it’s not my usual style to talk a lot about myself in a blog post… but here in the states, it’s gratitude time with Thanksgiving this Thursday… so I wanted to reveal a bit more about me.

My greatest teachers…

You. I’m so lucky to serve heartful, brilliant people like you. I’m so honored that you read my blog, share your thoughts and allow me to shine some light on your path to greatness. From you, I’m continually learning to let go of attachment, value diversity, and listen more deeply. Enlightenment!

My life partner, Seth. He’s contributed so much to my well being and Prosperous Coach by researching for me, managing cash flow, editing my content, and continually coaching me to stay true to what’s most important.

My amazing Online Business Manager, Raven Howard. She’s wise, smart as a whip, quick as a runaway train, and she keeps me sane. Raven constantly teaches me to plan well, own my authority and celebrate everything!

My kitty, Freya. At only 7 months old, she’s teaching me to totally give myself over to love with just a bit of fierceness.

My body. It ever teaches me to be in the moment and breathe, accept and transform.

My fears. They teach me to stand in my power and cross thresholds without looking back.


Who or what are your greatest teachers?


What I’m learning right now…

I’m learning to set stronger energetic boundaries, expand what brings me great joy, give without strings, and relax into everything.

What are you learning right now?


My big goals for 2012…

To take two full-month vacations, double my profits, run four big blowout promotions, work only 25 hours each week, learn Spanish and take dancing lessons.

What are your big goals for 2012?


Thank you for listening and please share in the comments below.

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  • Angela

    I want to hit 200k+ in business profits, travel to Patagonia in the spring, do my 1st live event, drop those last few pounds, marry my future husband, work 25 hours a week or less, do A LOT more speaking gigs, and finish my book!  That’s a tall order.  Do you think the Uni can handle it???!

    • Oh yeah, that and more! Here’s to your big thinking, Angela!

  • Lori

    Very sweet picture of you and Seth…thanks for sharing everything. You are an inspiration!

    • It is, isn’t it? Hope you’re doing well, Lori. Enjoy Thanksgiving!

  • Odilia

    Rhonda, I have just started the process of becoming a Certified Coach and you have been a true inspiration for me!  So, as I launch my practice, you have become one of my greatest teachers in the coaching arena. Not only are you one of the authors of the CTA course I am taking in order to get certified, but you are also teaching me, how to pick a niche that will be successful and profitable, how to have a presence on the web, and how to be true to myself and speak/appeal to my audience.  I enjoy your e-mails, your blog and appreciate the personal touch and warmth you add to your communications and website.  Your 5 secrets to your Highly Profitable Coaching Niche have been very helpful! This is an exhilarating time for me, but also an intimidating one!  So, just wanted to say Thank You for paving the way and for sharing your wisdom. You have brought a lot of grounding to me through this new venture in my life! I look forward to the blowout promotions and to all the amazing things to come on 2012!  Wishing you and yours a joyous Holiday Season.


    • YOU made my day, Odilia. Many, Many Blessings on your coaching business. And here’s a secret… I’m having a huge sale on my programs to help you choose a viable niche and put together a client winning website. You’ll see the Super Savings announcement midnight on Friday and it runs for 72 hours. So maybe with that support it will not be intimidating!

  • Martin Fox

    Goals for 2012… Great timing Rhonda, and I’m limiting it to five goals.
    1. Hard launch a new consulting business by January 1, 2012 to help companies achieve mind-blowing results (i.e. teach executives how to drive down the road without their’ brakes on.)
    2. Drive $500k in operating income by December 31, 2012.
    3. Merge our current ngo with a larger nonprofit institution or turn it over to global youth to run by March 2012.
    4. Help my spouse commercialize and scale-up her new company (ongoing).
    5. Spend at least 6 weeks of quality vacation time with my family during 2012 (much more in future years).

    • Thinking big and delivering is your MO, Martin! Many blessings as you knock each one of these off and celebrate the ripple effect of your great vision!

  • Susan

    Rhonda– You are one of the blessings I thank God for.  Your blog, your products, your recommendations never fail to offer value plus!  Having sampled the wares of a number of “mentor coaches”  I can say this is not always the case.  Your confidence, authenticity and wisdom shine through everything you do.  I only hope the products and communications strategies I develop are half as meaty and meaningful to my audience!

    • I’m honored by your high praise, Susan. And quality human being that you are with loads of brilliance you can bank on the fact your products and everything you do will be top notch and beloved.

  • Hi Rhonda, Thank you for your kind mention. I really enjoy learning from you each day. I just nod my head when I read your blog and smile with delight to see just how many people around the world you touch with your wisdom and care.  YOU ROCK and I am so glad I get to help you make it all happen!!

    My greatest teachers are God, my children, my mom and my clients. With each of these people in my life I focus on a key ingredient that makes my spirit “good”.

    The thing I have learned most about learning, is too much learning can yield not nearly enough implementation. So I’ve been honing in on my sweet spots and rocking those areas out.  Currently, I am tapping into EntreLeadership (taught by Dave Ramsey), Infusionsoft and Project Management is always up for improvement 😉

    My big goals for 2012- I want to attend to 2 live events, become Certified in Water Zumba and Infusionsoft and to improve the lives of all those around me. To serve others as best I can and in a way that also serves me!

    Big hugs Rhonda~ I’m looking forward to my gift on Friday 😉

  • time to get started on 2012

    thanks for the inspiration


    • Indeed. I have to say it feels really good having my plans and promotions set along with my goals. Good luck on yours, Steve!

  • Thanks for sharing those sweet tidbits about your life Rhonda. That has encouraged me to get a little more personal in my business as well. Some tidbits about me: I am a wife and mother of a super fun 5 yr. old. I am also a virgo that’s definitely an extrovert.

    My greatest teachers have been my mom, my son and a plethora of spiritual teachers I have been grateful to come across, however I find the best guidance, if I get still enough, comes right from within.
    Some of  my goals for 2012 are to publish my first book; to surpass the monthly income I make from my career with the income I will make from my business;  to attend my first yoga retreat; to take my son on his first trip to Disney World; to go on a date with my husband every 2 weeks, and to be a blessing to as many people as I can.

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Many blessings to you!!!


    • Great point, Tennille. Our highest self is our greatest teacher.

      Love your goals. Your intention to be a blessing to everyone is a great daily goal!

  • Sarah

    Hi Rhonda,

    I have scorpio rising too! With Mars (in the 1st house) and Jupiter (in the 12th) both on the Ascendant. Yep, I overreact and have yet to develop the patience I need to match my passion. Meanwhile the one major lesson at the forefront for me is trying to keep my desire for a thriving coaching business from betraying me, perhaps the greatest insight I have discovered yet in all of my reading pertaining to coaching. Any secrets you can share to keep this longing from becoming my enemy and sabotaging my efforts would be so greatly appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Thanks for sharing your stars with us, Sarah.

      You know, impatience can be really painful so I know what you mean. The best thing is to celebrate every little thing and recognize that things are happening for your biz in the unseen world whenever you are visioning and taking high payoff actions. Many Blessings! And thanks for commenting!