This is Me Being Personal with You…

I’m big on delivering value so most of my posts get right into how to make big progress in your biz. In fact, one of my colleagues, Erika Kalmar, said about my post last week… Wow, this is not a blog post – this is a course! Others pay a lot to get this info you’re sharing here, Rhonda!”

So, it’s not my usual style to talk a lot about myself in a blog post… but here in the states, it’s gratitude time with Thanksgiving this Thursday… so I wanted to reveal a bit more about me.

My greatest teachers…

You. I’m so lucky to serve heartful, brilliant people like you. I’m so honored that you read my blog, share your thoughts and allow me to shine some light on your path to greatness. From you, I’m continually learning to let go of attachment, value diversity, and listen more deeply. Enlightenment!

My life partner, Seth. He’s contributed so much to my well being and Prosperous Coach by researching for me, managing cash flow, editing my content, and continually coaching me to stay true to what’s most important.

My amazing Online Business Manager, Raven Howard. She’s wise, smart as a whip, quick as a runaway train, and she keeps me sane. Raven constantly teaches me to plan well, own my authority and celebrate everything!

My kitty, Freya. At only 7 months old, she’s teaching me to totally give myself over to love with just a bit of fierceness.

My body. It ever teaches me to be in the moment and breathe, accept and transform.

My fears. They teach me to stand in my power and cross thresholds without looking back.


Who or what are your greatest teachers?


What I’m learning right now…

I’m learning to set stronger energetic boundaries, expand what brings me great joy, give without strings, and relax into everything.

What are you learning right now?


My big goals for 2012…

To take two full-month vacations, double my profits, run four big blowout promotions, work only 25 hours each week, learn Spanish and take dancing lessons.

What are your big goals for 2012?


Thank you for listening and please share in the comments below.

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