What Were You Thinking?

Why do some coaches and consultants have a constant flow of ideal clients, while others don’t?

The answer to this mystery isn’t what you might think…

  • It’s certainly not that they are more skillful.
  • It’s not that they know all the right people.
  • And it’s not that they’ve got a big list of prospects.

It comes down to how they value themselves.https://prosperouscoachblog.com/thinking/

When it Rains it Pours

Half of my clients find me when they’ve run out of clients and can’t seem to get anyone to yes. We plump up their niche and core messages. And suddenly it pours. They have more clients than they can handle, when just a while ago they couldn’t get anyone to hire them.

What happened? They got their mojo back.

Did the new niche and messages help? Sure.

When you’re full of doubt about your abilities it always help to focus in and get a fresh perspective. It’s powerful to pull the spotlight off yourself and what’s not working and onto the people you serve. Hope rises and so does your courage.

Your belief that your services are valuable is the ultimate linchpin that puts you back in the prosperity flow.

LOA (law of attraction) messages can seem like worn out cliches. If you’ve tried visualizations and affirmations and you’re still in doldrums, you might feel like all this prosperity stuff is a cruel joke. It really is challenging to change your mind when the going is rough. Let’s look at practical way to wake up your money mojo.

6 Practical Ways to Buff Up Your Inner Game

Highly value your time in every way you do business. Set time boundaries. Be choiceful about when and how you give away your time. Never discount just to get a client. But do consider ways to incentivize your fees, such as price breaks for single payments on a multi-month program and longer payment plans. Above all be sure that you feel well paid for your services.

Play a bigger game. Be willing to take risks and get out of your comfort zone more often. That’s how your world expands. What follows is more income, better opportunities, and star clients!

This is about building true prosperity from the inside out. With that powerful light shining from you, your ideal consulting and coaching clients arrive, your business thrives and other areas of your life get a boost too. And here’s the thing — a new coach or consultant can do this just as well as an experienced one.

Keep pitching balls to the Universe. The worse thing you can do is go inactive. As Mike Dooley says: “Do what you can, with what you have, from where you are.” It’s the only way the Universe can hit a home run for you.

Notice the every day riches that come to you and share the good news with others. When you’re down, you might miss the positive signs because you’re waiting for a bigger payoff. But it’s the little things that lead to bigger things.

Bless the income you receive. You earned it, so it’s sacred. But also pay your bills with equal joy, acknowledging how privileged you are.

Shake it up! Give yourself and your biz a makeover. Change up your business model. Tighten your niche and refine your message so it hits the mark with your target audience. Find out what they really want and offer it.


SHARE WITH US. Do you have any stories about suddenly coming back into the flow in your business or life after a mindset shift? What practical ideas would you add to these? I promise I’ll respond to your comment.


  • Christin Collins

    I love the second suggestion! Even if you’re not feeling very confident, taking a risk will often pay off. That is how confidence increases. I also like the part about valuing your services. As a coach, I remember how inexperience can make one hesitant to ask for what one’s services are worth. But what new coaches lack in experience, they make up for in creativity and enthusiasm. That by itself is invaluable and worth the asking price! I would also add thinking outside the box to the list. I think people often wait for the clients to come to them without considering the variety of ways that their services can be helpful. So, thinking outside the box and creating opportunities is vital and can often pay off in ways other than the ways intended. Thanks for this great advice!

    • What a great point, Christin. Creativity and enthusiasm is priceless indeed. And experienced coaches need to keep or reclaim that.

      And, I agree, waiting for clients often creates the problem of low flow. We don’t want to chase anyone, but rather to realize how valuable the services are and to market continuously as part of our service — that’s the ticket!

  • Rhonda,

    So much wisdom here. I especially like: “Keep pitching balls to the Universe. The worse thing you can do is go inactive. As Mike Dooley says: “Do what you can, with what you have, from where you are.” It’s the only way the Universe can hit a home run for you.”

    However, you may be a little harsh on affirmations and the law of attraction. Affirmations help us maintain a calm, positive mindset so we can move forward. There are self-proclaimed experts out there making unrealistic promises about what affirmations can achieve, but affirmations do have a place in helping us maintain our mojo.


    • Hey Diana. Thanks for letting me know how you interpreted that. I wasn’t casting aspersions on affirmations. However, for some, in the depth of a down time, affirmations may feel empty by themselves. So for those times and those folks I’m suggesting more practical prosperity practices.