Easy Ways to Publicize Your Coaching Business Blog, Part 3

This is Part 3 of my series on do-it-yourself promotion for your coaching blog. Part 1 covers getting your writing onto other sites that your market reads, and Part 2 talks about using social networking to help build your audience.

If you’re not using social networking for your coaching business yet, you can still leverage your network, and your online presence, to promote your blog. This post covers some simple moves to do that.

Link to Your Blog

Just about anything you are already doing online can be tweaked to help promote your blog. Take a tour of every place your name appears online, and ask yourself –

How could I use this to help publicize my blog?

Some examples:

Easy Ways to Publicize Your Coaching Business Blog, Part 2

This is Part 2 of my series on do-it-yourself promotion for your coaching blog. Part 1 talks about a classic blogger’s technique – getting your writing onto other sites where your market gathers, and pointing them back to your blog from there.

This post is about leveraging your social networking presence. If you are already using online social networks (like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter) in your coaching business, you have a blog promotion platform with powerful potential.Using social media to promote a coaching business blog

If you’re not using social networking in your business yet, don’t worry. Part 3 of this series will talk about some simple moves you can make to leverage your presence on the Web outside of the social networking sites.

Use Your Networks

Social networking and blogging are perfect complements. Both are interactive and frequently updated, creating a virtual conversation that can draw your audience in and engage their attention. Because their user communities are enormous and enthusiastic, the major social networks offer unmatched opportunities to expand your blog’s reach.

If you are actively using social networking in your coaching business, promoting your blog through your favorite social networks will come naturally. Be sure to touch these bases:

Easy Ways to Publicize Your Coaching Business Blog, Part 1

If you’re following my advice, you may have decided that the online home for your coaching business will be a blog. Perhaps you’ve already launched your new blog, or you’re getting ready to. Now the question is how to build your audience.

There are dozens of ways to drive traffic to your blog, including search engine optimization (SEO), affiliates and joint ventures, advertising, press releases and more. SEO is a must, but that’s for another post.

But to produce results, many traffic building techniques require long lead times and significant investments of time and money. Here I’m going to focus on the first of three ways to publicize your blog that you can easily do yourself and that may get you some quick traction. Two more ways coming.

First, a word about the essential preliminary step.

5 Simple Steps to Your Own Coaching Business Blog

Many coaches are launching a blog rather than a static website, to boost list building and attract more pre-qualified clients. A blog site is not limited to the blog content alone; it can include whatever static pages you want, to introduce your offerings to your market. (Just look at mine!) If you’re ready to build your own dynamic blog site, follow these five steps to prepare for launch.

Getting Started With Your Coaching Business Blog

So you’ve decided to launch a blog! Maybe my post on how a blog can boost your coaching business visibility convinced you. What are the first things you should be thinking about?

Choose Your Market

You’re about to commit to a long term strategy for marketing your coaching business. You will pour a lot of passion and brilliance into it. The best way to make sure all that energy doesn’t go to waste is to choose a viable coaching market to focus on, BEFORE you start planning your blog.

Think about it. The reason blogs are such powerful visibility builders is that they SHOW your market that you have valuable solutions to their most important problems. For your blog to bring you clients, the solutions you write about need to:

Boost Coaching Business Visibility with a Blog

Lately, lots of coaches are asking me:

  • Should I start a blog?
  • How will it help me build my coaching business?
  • How can a blog be more effective at attracting ideal clients than my coaching website?

All good questions we’ll explore here. First…

What is a blog?

There are many kinds of blogs. Some people create hobby-type blogs to post their musings or recommendations. Many bloggers offer political commentary. And, blogging has emerged as a powerful way to establish visibility and credibility with business prospects.