Suspending Your Disbelief Opens Doors to What You Want

Every time you try something for the first time – launch a coaching business, start a blog, speak publicly — you enter into the great unknown. For adventure seekers, the unknown is a double dog dare. For innovators, it’s where the spark of brilliance always strikes. For the rest of us, it can be absolutely terrifying territory… but it doesn’t have to be.

suspend disbelief
Everyone has fear. Some “feel the fear and do it anyway”. They consciously suspend their disbelief that they can do it, long enough for the combination of their trust, persistence and subtle energies to coalesce dreams into reality. Our favorite stories are about regular people persevering to reach their destiny despite all odds. Without super powers, people do this every day.

To get to where you want to go, first suspend any disbelief that you can arrive there.

Break Through by Letting Go of Attachment

When I was eight I thought I’d never be good at downhill skiing, because experience told me I’d never be good at any sport. Totally psyched out, I struggled pitifully. Then one day, when I wasn’t scrutinizing my general lack of coordination, I hit the zone!

And then of course, I knew I could ski. There was no longer any question of that. Before long I could make it down a black diamond and practically float down the rest of the slopes. Having crossed the unknown and come out the other side, it was easier to become a pretty decent skater and halfback in soccer. I broke through the belief that I couldn’t do sports.

Believe in Stories of Success

We all need role models to grow to our full potential. It’s helpful to know that others have achieved your dreams. And to believe with all your heart that if they can do it, you can do it too.

Something really poignant happened last week…

I was helping my friend, Milana Leshinsky, promote her free video series about recurring revenue. The email I sent out said in the subject: This coach made $8K while on vacation. I received several excited emails from coaches planning to attend Milana’s recurring revenue program. I also received a courageous email from a coach asking me not to share these “misleading messages” with coaches. She took the subject line about the $8K for an “easy money” scheme. But actually it’s a success story – a true and inspiring account encouraging others towards what’s possible in their coaching business.

Maybe this coach didn’t yet know that it is absolutely possible to earn $8K through recurring revenue in one month. Maybe she was in unknown territory and had given up faith. I’ve lost faith in my dreams so many times. I can relate.

Disbelief is completely normal and understandable. Every one of us has achieved something that eluded us at first, and we’ve also stood on that pre-side of the unknown, wondering if it’s possible.

Find stories of success for what you want, and hold them before you as a beacon to show the way. You too can be that successful coach or ski down a black diamond or most whatever you long for. And then you will be the success story for others.

Believe Beyond Your Imagination

In all the interviews with successful people there’s always a wildcard in their story. A twist they couldn’t have foreseen. They were heading for one end goal and the unexpected showed up. Something they would have never imagined or strived for. But it was a boon that opened up their mind and possibilities.

This happened for me in my coaching business. Frightened yet faithful, I took a step into the unknown. And some very surprising yet prosperous turns of event have happened…

I had no idea that I had what it takes to co-author best selling coach training curriculum. I would not have guessed I’d become a writer and teacher with sought after expertise. Is the unknown behind me? Oh no. I still cross that territory again and again to keep growing.

I hear from coaches all the time that choosing a coaching niche to champion has opened up doors to places they never knew existed, bringing them income and joy they didn’t imagine before. They credit their success to taking a courageous, committed step forward and then another and another, always entering into the unknown and coming out the other side to something wonderful and unexpected.

What has suspending disbelief brought you that you never imagined?