Positive Thinking to Boost Your Coaching Business

The Law of Attraction gets a lot of airplay in the personal development and coaching industries. But sometimes visualizing what you want doesn’t bring the results you’re looking for. What’s missing?

Whether the Law of Attraction actually “works” is a metaphysical question. But if you’re inclined to believe there’s something to it, as I am, there is a more interesting question to ask:

  • How do you sustain prosperity thinking through the ups and downs that inevitably come with building a coaching business?

A lot of popular abundance media, such as The Secret, tends to gloss over pieces that are essential to true prosperity, such as:

  • It’s important to start from gratitude, not grasping.
  • Engage your senses and feeling in your vision of what you want.
  • Stay open to outcome, not attached to outcome.
  • Take actions to bring about what you want.

Here’s a bit more on each one of those.

Start from gratitude. To even entertain the idea of being an entrepreneurial coach — making a difference for others while doing work you love — means you truly are privileged. Feel the richness of your opportunities. Make your gratitude the frame for your intentions. It’s a great way to enter the present moment, and that’s where the magic happens.

Engage your emotions. We hear a lot about positive thinking, but positive feeling may be even more important. To be effective, any visioning process has to engage your heart as well as your mind. That’s how you get your whole self behind your vision.

Back in May, The Sun magazine ran an interview with research psychologist Barbara Fredrickson, who studies positive emotions – states like inspiration, gratitude, awe, amusement. She says that when you cultivate positive emotions in the present moment, you build resources. You become “your best version of yourself”.

Stay open to outcome. They say you create your own reality, but the universe is bigger than you are and does play a role in the results you get. So, play nice with the universe. Let your wishes be fulfilled in a way that looks different than you imagined. The best things in life are out of your control anyway. That’s why when you vision for what you want to manifest, always finish by letting go of what the outcome will look like.

Take action. If you are building a coaching business, you can visualize what you want all day long, and nothing will come of it until you take action. You need both — vision and action. Keep a positive mind, and take the actions with the highest payoff first every day.

And for good measure, here are two more ways to keep a positive mind while you build your coaching business:

  • Have patience. Building a business is a long term undertaking. Expecting quick results is a recipe for disappointment. Every initiative that doesn’t work out is an opportunity to learn something.
  • Get support. Hire a mentor coach. Join a community of your peers. Get some business-savvy allies around you. No successful business was ever built by a lone wolf.


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2 thoughts on “Positive Thinking to Boost Your Coaching Business

  1. I expecially like the power behind engaging emotions. It’s something I’m working on more.

    I’ve been spending a little time here and there envisioning goals and life with those goals achieved.

    What might be some other great ways to do this?

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