Ep 97 – What If Your Coaching Client Has Strong Emotions in Session?

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Show Notes

This episode is super short and it’s part of the series called Manage Your Coaching Clients, which you can find at prosperouscoach.com/manage.

As a new coach, it can be unnerving if a client displays strong emotions.

Anger, frustration, guilt, grief, sorrow, intense excitement — they are all natural feelings that usually move on when a person can express them.

They don’t define your client or their future and rarely indicate that something is wrong.

And here’s the thing … even if something seems “wrong”, it’s not up to you to make it all better.

Don’t Take On Your Coaching Client’s Feelings

Deep and even dark feelings can herald the beginnings of transformation.

When your client feels deep feelings during a session try this:

  1. Hold space for them metaphorically to fully express their emotions.
  2. Don’t TAKE ON their feelings. If you notice that your body or emotions are affected do your best to release the energy while in session and then also after the session.
  3. Verbally share that this is a safe space for their feelings.
  4. Sense when the energy is shifting and check in with them.

Always validate your client’s feelings even if they make you uncomfortable or the feelings seem to be about you.

In another episode I’ll talk about processing your clients feelings about you. And for now I’ll emphasize that I’m not encouraging you to let client’s verbally abuse you. More on that another time.

Let Coaching Clients Cry If They Need To

Tears can be cleansing and healing in themselves. They can help emotions move out of the body.

Let your client know that you welcome their tears and consider them a self care practice. Encourage them to take their time. If through their tears and rants, you continually hold that they are creative, resourceful and whole, they will come through to the other side.

The Next Episode is: How to Handle Difficult Coaching Clients