Ep 205 – 10 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Own Coaching Services

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Episode Transcript

A favorite question I like to ask coaches is: Would you buy what you’re selling? And, if so, what amount would you be willing invest? Your answer is telling and it might have you re-evaluate your offer, your pricing, your messaging, website and more.

This episode is short and has 10 powerful questions to ask yourself that will help you know if you’re on the right track.

Analytical or Emotional Buying Decisions

If you’re going to buy a car, you’ll probably research different makes and models, features and pricing, read reviews and then go test drive the cars that you are most interested in that also fit your budget. The process is analytical. Although, if money is no object, emotion might make your decision for you.

But if you’re going to invest in a coach or mentor, you’re more likely to let your perceptions and intuition make the decision for you.

First, you’ll be attracted by something you read or heard. Then you’ll pay more attention and follow the individual — connect with their social profiles or subscribe to their podcast.

And then you’ll get curious. This is when your longing for a better future gets fully engaged. Curiosity is the turning point.

You’ll check out the person’s website. The words you read continue to build your perception of this coach’s abilities. It’s not credentials that will keep you moving towards this person. It’s because they are relating to you, speaking your language.

Sure, you might do a bit more due diligence and read some testimonials. But in the end your decision is emotional — it’s how you FEEL about the person and how much you BELIEVE they can help you.

And usually that more intuitive decision will serve you well.

This is because coaching and mentoring are a professional relationship based on trust. Client and coach work in a co-creative space. It is an intimate relationship that will grow with time and so the decision is heart-centered rather than head-centered.

10 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself Now

So, let’s flip this around and imagine your future clients now …

How will they find you?

Are you showing up consistently where they are?

What will be their first impressions of you?

What is it about your message and your way of being that grabs their attention?

What will inspire them to follow you?

What would raise their curiosity about working with you?

When they click through to your website, will they immediately find your words highly relevant to them?

What will engage them and have them invest some energy towards working with you?

What about your offer will appeal to them from that emotional place?

And when they do take a deliberate step to have an enrollment conversation with you, what will finally assure them that you are the best resource for them?

See everything you are doing and creating from the perspective of the most ideal clients you want to attract. Shift from thinking like a coach to thinking like your clients and CONNECT to them.

Stay authentic and in your integrity all the way. That’s how you’ll be a successful coach.