Ep 188 – How to Market Just Like You Coach

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Episode Transcript

If you want to thrive in your coaching business, it’s time to change your perception about marketing. Let’s bust some myths about marketing and look at it from a different point of view.

First, I wanted to share a win with you because YOU helped to make it possible and I’m grateful …

Prosperous Coach Podcast recently hit 150,000 downloads. That’s momentous. My latest 5 start review said: “A well appreciated podcast! Rhonda tackles issues that any coach could face and provides useful tips on how to deal with them in a profitable way.”  Sweet!

I wanted to share that news with you because I market through my podcast. That’s called generosity marketing, which is about giving away value to attract ideal clients. It’s one of the non-salesy approaches.

So … when you think of marketing, do you cringe? Are you thinking:

  • Marketing is going to feel sleazy no matter how I do it.
  • I have to become good at selling myself.
  • I don’t know how to market effectively!

Only that last is true. You don’t know how to market effectively … YET. And there’s a natural fear of the unknown.

I cringed about marketing too until I learned a more conscious and transparent way of attracting clients. Up until then I thought of marketing as this necessary evil. That’s a reaction to high-pressure marketing tactics, which are old fashioned and a low integrity approach that ruins marketing for everyone.

So, toss out that approach completely. You do NOT have to barrage people with marketing that tries to fool or shame people into buying what you’re selling.

And forget the idea that you have to sell yourself too. You don’t have to sell your soul to market effectively.

But here’s the truth … if you want to earn well as a coach and stay in business you do have to find a way to attract your ideal clients.

The reality is, unless you already have a network of people who know, like and trust you and would love to work with you, you will need to create a community of potential clients and build relationships with those people. Otherwise, you’ll be another coach who is a best kept secret. And there are lots of coaches who are.

Becoming known by your audience is half way to becoming a coach in high demand. Being known doesn’t mean you have to talk about yourself all the time and toot your own horn. There’s a better way.

I started building my community from scratch. That’s not a heartbreaking task. It’s a heart-warming task if you do it in a conscious way.

And you don’t have to be known by tens of thousands of people either if you target a narrow and unique audience and craft a niche that’s meaningful to them. There are a multitude of reasons why choosing a viable target audience and choosing a smart niche is the first strategy to help you stand out and attract your ideal clients. Check out episode 9 if you haven’t already.

It also really helps if you don’t sell coaching because it’s a hard sell. Remember, we aren’t doing hard selling. It’s a steep upward climb if you have to convince people they want coaching before you can enroll them. For more on that, experience episode #7.

Now before you despair, creating your own community or tribe is a powerful, graceful and loving action if you let it be. I know it’s true because I live it every day.  I feel a mutual respect and heart connection with my ideal clients. Now let’s talk about how to market your coaching business just like you coach ..

6 Steps to Market Like You Coach

  1. Raise your curiosity about your target audience. What makes them tick? Who are they inside? What do they really want? Episode 187 had 22 questions to help you create your Avatar – a description of your ideal client. If you haven’t done that, what are you waiting for? It’s a high payoff action!
  2. Find out what your audience’s big problem is that’s keeping them from getting what they want. Buil your niche around that. Apply all your skills and talents to create a Signature Program to help them. Episode 59 will be eye-opening for you if you haven’t done that yet.
  3. Listen to the exact words your audience speaks as they describe what’s most important to them. Apply that to your messaging. Don’t have your website and social posts be all about the virtues of coaching.
  4. Engage your intuition and discover your zone of genius for this audience.
  5. Discover the top values that drive them. What will inspire them to hire you?
  6. Help them see their future the way they want it to look.

Think about it. Being curious, identifying the big problem, listening to their exact words, engaging your intuition, discovering their top values and what inspires them and helping them see their future. Isn’t that what you do when you coach a client?

That’s conscious, authentic marketing. It’s being about your client, not about you.

It’s connecting, NOT performing.

It’s compassionate and understanding not pushy and manipulative.

It’s powerful because it feels relevant to your audience.

When you coach clients you know your intentions are positive, right?

Apply that to the way you market. Be real. Come from love not attachment. Speak their language.

And let them come to their own conclusions by being present and being client-focused. Some of the people following you will fall away. Some will take some time to resonate with you so be consistent and stay in front of them. Some will hire you fast because they feel the connection.

When I work with my VIP clients, I always encourage them to pick an audience they can directly relate to. A tribe of people they understand – either because they’ve been where they are or they still are where they are.

It’s relevance that attracts people to you. They connect because you show that you understand them through your messages, Signature Program – every word on your website and every word you say.

Now shift the way you perceive marketing and your approach:

5 Mindset Shifts to Help You Love Marketing

  1. Turn on your curiosity and connect to your audience. Turn off performance mode.
  2. Shift away from loathing marketing to loving it because you connect with your audience authentically.
  3. Shift away from thinking you should sell people on the idea of coaching. Offer what they know they want that fits your zone of genius.
  4. Shift away from believing you have to sell yourself. If you are real, genuine, authentic, vulnerable and also own what you know – you will attract ideal clients.
  5. Shift away from giving free coaching sessions to enroll clients. Episode 19 has a step-by-step enrollment process you’ll love.

Let me know how this works for you. So far I’m hearing great things from coaches about this.