Ep 157 – 3 Mindsets That Could Kill Your Coaching Business

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Episode Transcript

This episode is inspired by earnest new coaches everywhere. May you uncover your greatness and personally evolve through your coaching business.

I’m privileged by my long-term experience and my long-range view of this industry and entrepreneurship.

Because I have the honored role of mentoring other coaches to build their coaching business, I get to somewhat re-live those early years over and over.

I know what you’re going through. And I also know the high potential ahead of you if you stay the course.

So I want you to know that I realize that it’s easy for me to say what I’m going to say. You are in the thick of things and I’m observing it.

But because I’m an empath – I feel what people around me feel in an energetic way. It can be a gift and it can be … painful to watch the mindsets that trip coaches up. They tripped me up too.

You know the power of mindset in working with your clients. What a person believes can make or break their opportunities.

These 3 mindsets could kill your coaching business because until they are shifted in your mind, they will run you ragged.

The High Pressure Mindset

I mistakenly answered an unscheduled call the other day. It was a coach who wanted my help RIGHT NOW! She didn’t take it in when I explained that I was booked 8 weeks out. Later in the day, she sent not one but 4 emails loaded with exclamations points and extreme urgency wanting me to accommodate her.

The pressure was palpable. I started to feel as breathless as she was. I knew she wasn’t an ideal client for me because I don’t respond well to the energy of push, push, push.

Coaching and entrepreneurship often attracts high achievers – people who make much of life and business look easy. But under the surface they are boiling with anxiety and the need to do everything well right NOW!

To these dear people — the idea of patience feels like prison and following a process step by step is torture.

Faster, faster, faster is their motto and work style. There’s a desperation attached to it.

Do you recognize yourself in this sub-group? If so you’re in good company. Your coaching business is an excellent territory to shift this mindset for a more peaceful and yet still successful life.

If you’re in a big hurry to make things happen. STOP! You are not a chicken so turn off the pressure cooker!

The pressure you put yourself under creates the exact opposite thing you desire. Energetically, it’s like you’re walking around throwing hot acid all over the place. Prospects will perceive the push and steer clear not knowing why but certain they don’t want to be a part of it.

Try this mantra … Mindful action, step by step, builds prosperity.

The Plan B Mindset

A coach recently asked me …
“How soon will I know this coaching business isn’t working and it’s time to go for plan B?”

Whoa! That was a loaded question underpinned by a sense of doom. That’s scarcity thinking, ya’ll. Big time.

If you’re starting your coaching business thinking this way, you may as well go for plan B now. Your success in your coaching business depends on your dedication for the long term.

Chances are, there’s is a deep-seated belief from childhood driving the desire to give up on yourself.

I have a ton of compassion for this mindset. And it’s a killing mindset. Building your coaching business could be a way to free yourself of this mindset for life. You could transmute it into something more life affirming.

You know, fear of failure is akin to the fear of success. We all have this rumbling inside of us when we take on a big bid for power.

This phrase “a bid for power” comes from a favorite book I read early on in my coaching business called The Power Path – The Shaman’s Way to Success in Business and Life by Lena and Jose’ Stevens, PhD.

Great stuff. Brilliant and life changing. I would recommend you read it. So a bid for power is this strong impulse that you have to take a risk in order to get something you really want. It’s a good impulse but you can’t give up on that before you’ve really realized it, right?

If you’re listening to this podcast there’s a bid for power your soul wants to make – to be a successful coach. Do what it takes to get there and try this mantra … I’m in the right place and here for all the gifts of this journey.

The People Pleasing Mindset

People pleasing seems like it would be a good thing, right? Isn’t this what every service business owner should be about? No.

I learned this one the hard way, friends. I’m a 2 on the Enneagram, which is The Helper. The Enneagram Institute characterizes this type as generous, demonstrative and caring. But it’s also manipulative.

This mindset is underpinned by fear of being unworthy — of love, respect and appreciation. So there’s a continuous pull to accommodate others at the cost of giving away personal power.

If you can give to others knowing that it’s 100% for your highest good, that works. But if you accommodate others motivated by a desire to get their love, respect or appreciation — it’s manipulation. And ultimately it will come back to bite you. That bite is encouraging you to evolve.

If you catch yourself feeling like you have to over deliver and accommodate requests often try this mantra … I love, respect and appreciate myself for acting from my highest good.

As coaches we need to notice and shift our mindsets and habit to healthier ones. It will help you and all those around you. It will also boost your business.