Ep 151 – How to Not Slide Back to Your Life Before Coaching

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Episode Transcript

This episode is about allowing yourself to fully evolve into your coaching business.

Take a journey back in time with me and imagine …

Who were you and what was your life like before the idea of becoming a coach inspired you and made you leap?

Maybe you had a job and a comfortable routine. Maybe you were used to your paycheck and working certain hours. Your family knew what to expect of your time and attention. You knew what to expect of yourself and your day-to-day life.

And that was part of the problem — part of the growing discontent that causes all people to seek.

Maybe your colleagues were a daily respite from the mundanity of work or maybe you felt drained by all of it.

A dream began to form. It was just a little spark.

Something awakened in you and made you think.

Maybe you could break away and breakthrough to a life where you could be your own boss and do more meaningful work. One where you had more flexibility in your lifestyle and you could serve your own vision.

When you first heard about coaching something in you thrummed with new life.

You took coach training and your excitement built along with a healthy dose of doubt. Learning how to coach transformed you — the way you think, the way you communicate. It was no less than revolutionary for you.

And, it wasn’t all easy because it broke you out of your mold. You saw yourself differently. You saw your relationship to others differently.

And coaching gave you hope. It gave form to something you’ve longed for and did not know existed.

Then the moment came when you needed to start making decisions about your business.

Imposter syndrome rose up. Some days you could just brush it away. And some days it hung over you like a cloud.

Yet every time you coached, even if it was for free or for way too little, you still loved it and so you moved forward bravely.

You were asked to choose a niche, to work on messaging. Things that required you to put a stake in the ground. Gulp! “What’s the right niche for me? Do I have to pick just one?”

All these things were not what inspired you to become a coach. Some resentment for all this hard stuff kicked in. But you moved forward bravely despite thoughts like:

“Can I really do this?”

“Will anyone really pay for this?”

“Won’t marketing mean I have to sell out?”

You realized that learning coaching was the vocational side of things. There’s another more serious side to this  called being a business owner. All the realities started to materialize as territory you’ve never been to.

“I have to attract clients, charge fees that will replace my old paycheck, navigate the mine field of social media and summit all sorts of learning curves.” Seemingly. Endless. Learning curves.

For some this is the point of departure. For some it’s a dare to keep going, keep building and manifesting the new life.

Now let’s pause for a moment in the present …

Being an entrepreneur was probably not what got you here. It was the desire to coach. And now you have to decide if you can be both … an entrepreneur and a coach. An entrepreneurial coach.

If you say YES to that you will need to keep transforming. It’s a little different journey than learning coaching skills and it can be exciting if you let it.

Let’s look at your future …

How can you stay the course? Is it time you allow your mindset and your habits to catch up with the new you?

I believe you have already changed deep in your essence or you wouldn’t be listening to this.

Your old self and your old life are magnetic things. All the wiring it took to be you before coaching, before starting a business needs a makeover.

That well worn groove — the path of least resistance — calls you to be that old self again. Laugh that off! Own the space that you’ve grown into.

Pay attention to what pulls you away from the honorable work of building your business, growing your reputation, attracting a following, delivering value even before your ideal clients hire you.

Ask yourself “What would help me leverage the energy I’ve already given this dream, this business, this life?”

Then move forward bravely now and always. That is what will make you proud.