Ep 127 – Does Your Lead Magnet Pre-Sell Clients to Hire You?

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Show Notes

This episode is the 4th in my series about Lead Magnets for Coaches.

I’ve already had a bunch of great reviews from this podcast series. Thank you for not only listening to my episodes but also for passing them forward through social media to other coaches and coaching groups. I’m so grateful!

Amy said: “This is an amazing podcast. I have two lead magnets but they are not hitting the mark. I’m so confused about attracting the right people.”

Amy, you are not alone in that. It’s a bit of a puzzle with several moving parts but you can make the connections. I will help you.

Shift From Chasing Coaching Clients to Attraction Through Credibility

I don’t know exactly when it dawned on me that I was going about my coaching business the wrong way.

But I do have a sense memory of the relief I felt when I made a dramatic shift in my marketing mindset and approach.

It’s time for you to make this BIG shift …

Go from:         chasing clients and convincing them to buy your coaching sessions

To:                   building credibility and trust through messages that hit the mark

Hitting the mark is easier than you think. But you do have to learn to think like your target audience instead of thinking like a coach.

The sooner you make the shift, the sooner you’ll feel more authentic about what you’re doing and your results will reliably improve.

How Can You Pre-Qualify and Pre-Sell Coaching Prospects on Your Programs

You know that I believe coaches should not sell coaching session packages but rather offer a strategic long term Signature Program that directly addresses the big problems of your audience while it helps them reach ultimate tangible outcomes –the BIG things they know they want.

Have you ever heard of the concept of pre-qualifying and pre-selling?

Pre-selling and pre qualifying happens in the subconscious, not the conscious mind. We can’t logic people into hiring us. It’s an emotional response to the trust your audience has assigned to you through your understanding of them and through your credibility.

You must plan far ahead of the enrollment moment and strategically craft a journey for your coaching prospects. Episode 69 is about just that. Find it at prosperouscoach.com/69

Pre-qualifying and pre-selling begins with your core messages to your audience

  1. your brand
  2. your benefit statement
  3. short powerful web copy
  4. a smartly titled lead magnet with valuable insights related to your Signature Program
  5. and weekly content through a blog, podcast or videos that reinforces your Signature Program

See, most coach’s lead magnets are satellite concepts that don’t directly relate to their Signature Program. So even if everything goes perfectly — your prospect reads and enjoys every word of your freebie — then nothing much happens and you’ve wasted your effort.

They aren’t inspired to take a next step with you because they have no clue why they even want your support. Connections have not been made in their heart and minds.

That desire for taking a next step with you needs to be engineered into all 5 of those things I just mentioned. Including your freebie.

So don’t just slap something together that you’ve seen other coaches do. Don’t just come up with a few valuable tips that are unrelated to the paid program you offer.

Let me explain what my Signature Program is all about for my audience — coaches. As I share this see it as a model for the Signature Program you could have for your audience. Obviously the details will be different for your audience.

  1. First and foremost I help my clients nail down a target audience they’ll love to work with that helps them leverage expertise, life experience and passions.
  2. Then we go on to do market research and understand exactly what their audience wants and struggled with as it relates to the ultimate tangible outcome they want.
  3. That information helps us develop all of their messaging and offers including brand, benefit statement, free offer, Signature Program, web copy, content strategy and much more.

Do you see how specific the milestones are that I help coaches achieve?

What specifically do you help your target audience achieve and is it something they want so much they’ll invest significantly in your help to get there?

Your Signature Program provides structure – something clients deeply appreciate. It also has an arc to the work – a beginning, middle and end — so it doesn’t feel like seeing a therapist with no end in sight.

If your freebie mirrors your Signature Program, the freebie also has structure and unique application to specific challenges your audience faces on the way to their ultimate tangible desired outcome.

Take a look at your lead magnet. Does it pre-sell and pre-qualify your prospects on your paid Signature Program?

I know this episode was more technical. If you take one thing away remember this … pre-selling and pre qualifying your prospects to inspire the IDEAL clients happens in the subconscious, not the conscious mind. Repetition and congruence in all things in your coaching business help move your ideal clients into action with you.