Ep 110 – 6 Services Every Coach Needs For An Easy Business

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Show Notes

There are 6 services I use for my coaching business that I could not live without.

I keep my business super streamlined for expenses, which means I keep most of what I earn. I want you to have high profit and the best support too.

Custom WordPress Website

There are loads of debates about which is best web platform … the venerable WordPress or newer on the block Wix and Squarespace.

I always advise WordPress over the others for 3 main reasons:

  • WordPress is self-hosted. Which means you own your website.
  • It has unlimited customization capabilities.
  • It gives you access to more 3rd party plugins.

Bottom line … if your intention is to succeed in your business and be in it for the long run, WordPress beats the other platforms hands down because it can grow as your business grows.

WordPress templates can easily morph into a home for your blog or podcast, a membership site, an online store. You can add sales page builders, survey or forms builders, advanced analytics, SEO builders, Live Chat, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg for WordPress plugins.

And if you’re thinking about having a coach training school or some other coach service create a website for you, don’t. They won’t be what I call Client Winning Websites.

I have a whole series of podcasts about what makes for a client winning website. Check that out at prosperouscoach.com/website

Don’t go cheap with your website. This is one of a few places that you want invest in your success. I highly recommend that you have Nichole Betterley create your WordPress website for you.

Nichole is simply the best web designer for coach’s websites I’ve ever met.

She’s a trained coach herself, a designer and coder. It’s extremely rare to find all of those skills in one person. You will LOVE her. All of my clients do and she’s also been my designer since 2006 helping my website grow as my business grows and morphs.

We did episode #45 together called Customer Coaching Website Vs. DIY Template.

Hold off on creating a website until you are crystal clear about who is your target audience and what specific problem your help them solve with your coaching niche.

If you’re not crystal clear about this, let’s have a Strategy Session and nail that down for you.


Sometimes called an Email Blast Company or Email Campaign Company, this service is all about getting your messages out to people who have trusted you by opting in on your website for your free offer, also called a lead magnet.

You email leads list is you community for your coaching business.

This type of service helps you:

  • manage email addresses of people who have opted in for your free offer
  • get your emails delivered in a way that meets regulations
  • automates everything so you save time
  • build trusting relationships with followers
  • review statistics that help you improve

No doubt you’ve heard of Mail Chimp and Constant Contact, there are dozens more that get more and more technical and costly up the scale.

For a startup coach I suggest a relatively inexpensive and easy to use service that has services you can grow into. My hands down favorite is Aweber (affiliate link).

It’s been around a lot longer than most Email Marketing Services. Here’s why I LOVE them:

  • Customer Service
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Service

I’m the kind of person who wants a person I can talk to in real time if I need help. Most tech companies don’t share their phone number or at best only have an online chat. If they do let you speak with someone you reach an overseas call center. And your problem takes 3x longer to fix than it should.

Whenever you call Aweber you get to a highly trained person within a minute or two who will help you or find someone to help you in one phone call.

They’ll patiently teach you how to use their systems so it’s easy peasy. And no one says anything like: “I understand your needs, Miss Rhonda.”

The other reasons I like Aweber is:

  • They are highly respected by ISPs (Internet Service Providers) so emails from them get priority delivery.
  • They constantly improve their systems in a user friendly way. There’s never that feeling of disconnect between the way their online tool works and the way you think it should work.
  • Aweber is comparable in price to Constant Contact.
  • And, Aweber integrates extremely well with WordPress.
  • Aweber

Mail Chimp is a bit less expensive for their Essential Plan but it’s missing some features at that level and they just can’t match Aweber’s customer service.

Deposit Photo

I recommend that all coaches have a content strategy such as a blog, videos or a podcast (my personal favorite) that goes out like clockwork each week and is highly relevant to your target audience.

Deposit Photo is a low cost source of excellent stock photos, videos, vector images and illustrations. Sure there are some decent free stuff out there. But honestly I can tell who is using the free stuff. The quality just isn’t there.

Every year for the last 3 years Deposit Photo has a Black Friday special where you can get 50 images for $29 through AppSumo. That’s a great deal.


You may have heard of Canva. What a great app! The free version gets you far in being able to create great looking social media memes – you know little quotes or statements that you put on Instagram, Facebook or wherever.

You can also create gorgeous lead magnets, brochures, postcards or letterheads all by yourself. Then you download the pdf, png or jpg to get your item out there.


I don’t know how people do without a password app like LastPass. I probably have over 200 passwords for my business and home life. And security is critical in the current hacking environment online.

So this app creates and stores secure passwords and makes it super easy to get into everyplace online both on your laptop and phone with one master password that allows you to access all other passwords. I could not live without this app!

An Online Scheduler

There are places to spend the big bucks (your website) and places not to. When you can find a tool that does an excellent job serving your needs and keeps your overhead low, that’s a place to save.

I came across TimeTrade a decade ago and I continuously sing its praises. Why do I love it so?

  • Customer Service – They are well set up to solve challenges with local, positive and knowledgeable support.
  • Price – Compare Time Trade for $6.50/mo or $78/yr with Acuity, which is $15/mo or $180/yr.

Okay, that’s my 6 top services list that all coaches need!

In the Next Episode: Smart and Not So Smart Coaching Business Expenses