Ep 104 – How Celebrating Wins Helps Your Coaching Business Thrive

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Episode Transcript

This short episode is part of the Smart Mindsets & Habits series.

As human beings few of us celebrate the small in things in life.

If we’re lucky, growing up, our parents noticed our daily progress — encouragement for sitting up, eating well, for taking a step or being clever with toys.

But at some point a long the way that cheerleading slows down.

  • Some of us are taught that tooting your own horn is bragging and immature.
  • Others become high achievers and expectations run so high that even big wins don’t get much notice. It’s onto the next goal without a pause.

In any case that sense of personal pride shuts down.

The sad thing is that often means we don’t celebrate other people’s small wins either. All this means there’s less celebration in life, less joy, less encouragement.

Lack of Celebration May Stunt Your Coaching Business Success

I myself have been a late bloomer celebrating wins of adulthood except within my inner circle. Looking back I can see how that’s stunted my coaching business growth.

In the last decade I’ve gradually realized how that kept me small in spirit. I’ve started a practice to throw my arms up in the air and gleefully shout “Yay!” not only for my own small wins but also even for the wins of people I’ve never met.

For me, there’s an idea underpinning this, which is that, from a spiritual perspective, I believe we are all one.

Though we are all individuals, collective energy circulates. We can all feel that if we tap in.

Even if you don’t buy into this idea, you can experience a dramatic shift if you begin to celebrate all wins.

  • Your personal wins — no matter how small.
  • Other people’s wins — no matter how small.

When I began doing this, I noticed my heart lift. I noticed more joy in my life. Things flowed more easily.

For one thing celebrating creates dopamine, a brain chemical that literally feels good. For another, celebration is infectious and circulates good will. We need more of that in our world. Especially right now.

One of the places in my life where wins are celebrated every day is in the podcast groups I’m a member of on Facebook. I’ve shared before what big open hearts podcasters have.

Strangely, I have not always seen the same camaraderie or spirit of celebration in groups of coaches. Although my own Facebook group – Prosperous Coach Club – is gaining momentum here of late and it does my heart good to see it.

Wouldn’t you think of all people that coaches would be celebrators? Not just of our clients but of humanity in general?

Something happens sometimes to some coaches that quashes celebration — it’s a fierce sense of competition colored by comparison that’s so debilitating. I did an episode a while ago about this which you can find at prosperouscoach.com/80.

It need not be this way.

The other day I was talking to a brilliant client of mine. This coach was one week into her newly launched podcast and she said she had 10 downloads so far. I was excited for her. But she said she was upset hearing that another podcaster had 10,000 downloads.

Comparing Yourself to Others is Toxic

This reaction isn’t unusual. But it can be toxic if not put in check.

I encouraged my client to celebrate that 10,000 download win online for the person who posted it. And mean it. I also suggested that she post her 10-download win too. Because 10 quickly becomes 100 and exponential success flows when the small wins are celebrated.

She took in what I said because she’s a winner. And I’ve seen her online celebrating others.

Test This for Yourself and Watch Your Coaching Business Thrive

I want you to try this experiment. Celebrate your small wins every day for one month. Celebrate your friend’s and family’s every day wins too. Celebrate wins that you see posted online. Give people a pat on the back – even if it’s virtual.

Notice how you feel. And notice how it comes back to you. Notice how it fills you with creative energy to do more.

This positivity improves your immunity as well as your bandwidth for facing challenges. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by it.

In the Next Episode: 3 Ways to Keep Momentum If Coaching Clients Aren’t Flowing In Yet