Ep 0 – What’s the Prosperous Coach Podcast All About?

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Show Notes

You know … the idea behind coaching and how it helps people transform hasn’t changed that much over decades. But the way to build a successful coaching business really has.

This podcast will have a lot of practical guidance and inspiration to help you launch your coaching business with ease and grace.

Episodes will cover topics such as how to:

  • choose a profitable niche
  • create authentic messaging
  • develop websites that work for you
  • and design coaching programs that your ideal clients really want and will buy

We’ll also explore what’s holding you back and how to breakthrough.

In some episodes we’ll do ON AIR COACHING. Listen for a chance to apply. It could be you on the air realizing your niche! And, I would love that!

In the meantime, start listening to episodes. Go to prosperouscoach.com/1.

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Prosperous Coach Podcast is hosted by me, Rhonda Hess, international business coach and niche strategist for coaches.