A Life Coach’s Perspective on the End of the Mayan Calendar

Like many, I am still reeling from the heart-wrenching tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary school last Friday. The grief and shock of an event like that is unspeakable. And I know that we are all praying for the families and for healing.

What else can we do? Resolve to seek light in the darkness.

On a much different level of gravity, it is the darkest time of the year and also a time predicted by some to bring the end of the world. As everyone knows by now, the 5,125-year celestial cycle known to the ancient Maya as the Long Count comes to an end (according to some scholars) this Friday on winter solstice.

Mayan CalendarMuch hyped as a prophecy of the end of the world, I choose instead to see this as the end of the world as we know it and the birth of a kinder way of living on this planet. An elder of the Mayan nation states that the prophecy actually calls on all people to unite and change the way we live, in order to usher in an age of harmony, prosperity and peace. Others have picked up this view, calling for acts of love to help “gentle the birth” of a new era of peace.

The best tool I know to gentle any transition is mindfulness. Rather than covering up the pain we feel, learning to be with it and to believe that, paradoxically, tough times hold a priceless gift for us. If we don’t allow ourselves to get stuck in the pain, or the story of the pain, we honor ourselves and can return attention to what we want our lives to be.

Coaches are familiar with the idea that often something must pass away in order for something new to come in. How gentle or rough the birth process will be, is largely up to us.

In the spirit of a gentle birth, I offer up a few Winter Solstice questions that are on my mind;

What was painful about 2012?
What is the message in that pain?
What was joyful?
What is the message in that joy?
What is passing away this winter solstice?
What might be coming in this new year?
How do I want to live now and who do I want to be?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these or any other question you traditionally ask yourself at this time of the year. Leave a comment on the blog and I’ll respond.

Many Blessings to you for the return of light and the fresh slate of the New Year!


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  • Love the term end of the world as we know it. Every day we get a fresh chance to start over to correct or learn from what did not go right yesterday.
    In 2012 to many times I was flying by the seat of my pants to move my coaching business forward. In 2013 I am working on a more structured and planned timeline to set myself up for success.
    Thanks for the post Rhonda this was a good one.

    PS God bless the families and community of Netown CT in this time of loss. 

    • Love your plan for 2013, Tim. I too am planned up. And I’m working less in 2013 and spending more time on the inner business — so to speak.

  • Some excellent ideas for acknowledging loss, the hurtful and sometimes terrible things human beings do when we are disconnected from our own hurt. I always ask myself, how might I be culpable in perpetuating such energies? Who do I need to forgive? How can I best be a part of the healing? I love your mindful questions Rhonda and, I love how you send out personal invitations to participate in your blog posts. This is the gift I look to receive more of in the coming year—interactions that connect us as we come into the light of a new year and a new age of amity and concord—a time to grow sustainable beauty and bounty within and without. 

    With gratitude and joy, I’ll dance across the world with your message Rhonda

    • Great questions, Mary Margaret! And thank you for accepting my invitation to comment here to co-create a more wonderful community at Prosperous Coach!