Coaching Business Abundance – Consciously Crafting Your Coaching Business

Do you remember why you became a life coach? Do you still feel the calling? More than ever, it’s important to believe in your dreams. Slow down. Calm your fears about the future and revive your vision for your coaching business, your life, and the world.

I know that you’ve heard a lot about Law of Attraction principles, but you might have forgotten to use them in the constant drive to get things done and get ahead. All of those high payoff actions you complete around your coaching business will bring a powerful result if your mind is aligned with your vision. Like the current in a river, prosperous thinking allows what you want – more coaching clients, a better income – to flow towards you.

The 5-step manifestation process I’m about to share with you really works! I’ve experienced it for myself and seen its positive effect on others. Make this a part of your daily practice. Then watch how you attract more financial prosperity and feel better.

The Manifestation Meditation

1. Center and Connect. Protect yourself from distractions and interruptions. Use your favorite process to center yourself and connect with source. Or, try the following:

  • Sit comfortably with your feet on the floor. Close your eyes and breathe naturally so that your in-breath and out-breath are a smooth circular flow.
  • Imagine a source of light energy expanding in the center of your body. Let some of the energy move down through your feet to the earth. And then, feel some energy from the earth come back through your feet into your body.
  • Now, let that energy move up and through the top of your head to your higher self. Then, feel some energy come back into you through the top of your head to complete the circuit. Keep the energy moving. Notice how that circular flow of energy makes you feel strong, safe, and alive.

2. Go Into Gratitude. To prime the pump for manifesting what you want, savor what you already have. Feel gratitude for your friends & family, the beauty all around you, your many opportunities, and even your current challenges. Take some time in this step.

3. Access Co-creativity. Acknowledge how creativity comes to you and how you are the co-creator of your reality.

4. Engage Your Vision. Your vision of what you want is the seed for your new reality. Open your imagination. Flesh out your vision with all of your senses. Picture yourself living it now. Feel yourself already there.

For example: My articles are read by thousands in my niche market. My credibility is strong and my message is attractive. Ideal prospects are easily finding me and buying from me. I sell 100 products each month. My leads list has grown to five thousand. My groups and teleseminars are always well attended and perceived as valuable. I always have at least 10 ideal 1:1 clients. Their success stories are compelling and they refer other ideal clients to me continuously, who hire me. My tax return at the end of the year shows my net income as $100K+. I feel blessed to earn my living this way.

As you speak or write out your vision, use present tense, mention only what you want. Leave out or reframe to positive terms whatever you don’t want. Be specific.

For example a statement like this: I want to stop spinning my wheels and get some clients! Becomes this: I have twelve full fee clients and more in the pipeline ready to hire me. Every marketing action I take attracts my ideal clients to me.

Hear the power?

5. Let Go of Outcome. This last step is critical, and may take practice to master. Once your vision is complete, surrender the details and let go of any attachment to the outcome. Trust that the opportunities, resources, motivation, time and money you need to create whatever you have just envisioned is coming to you in the way that is for your highest good.

If you’re feeling anxious, expectant, disappointed, or discouraged, you haven’t fully let go of the outcome.

Living with Paradox

Nothing is free of cost. The cost of prosperity is faith and discipline. If you want something so badly that it has to come to you in a certain way, you might be closing off the creative flow of prosperity. Broaden your mind; keep meditating on your vision without grasping for it.

Give Your Vision 40 Days of Faith

Do the manifestation meditation when you get up and when you go to bed for 40 days. Pay attention to what is coming to you more easily than ever. What comes to you, especially in your coaching business, may actually be better than what you imagined!


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