5 Power Plays to Get Out and Stay Out of Stuck-ville in Your Business

Have you ever been stuck to the point of feeling paralyzed and unable to move forward in your coaching business? It can become a negative pattern that looks something like this…

You send out an email or two, do a teleseminar, or make a couple of calls (all the while believing you’re “bad at this”.) If your expectations aren’t met you declare “well, that didn’t work!” That starts a downward spiral where all actions cease and you’re officially stuck.

That was me early on in my coaching business. One day I was complaining to my mentor coach about my small clientele, my micro leads list, and my dismal income. I said: “Judy, I’ve worked so hard and it’s just not happening. This must not be what I’m meant to do!”

My coach allowed a long meaningful silence to fall between us for a few moments and then she gently asked: “Rhonda, what exactly have you done over the last 90 days to get clients, build your list and income? How many times have you actually invited someone to hire you?”

I realized, as I gave her my short list of actions, that I’d done very little that could actually result in paying clients. In fact, I’d been spending most of my time on low payoff actions and unrelated distractions! That’s because I’d try something once or twice and then give up quickly with big spaces of inaction and sadness in between.

I had no plan, I had no strategy, I was shooting from the hip and hoping, hoping, hoping that some single effort would unleash an avalanche of clients ready to spend thousands on my coaching and I’d never have to market again.

My coach helped me take a long look at my scarcity mindset and loathing for marketing tasks. She helped me open my mind to see things differently. Then she had me put together a promotional campaign for the next six months and break that down into daily activities. What a huge relief it was to wake up in the morning and focus in on those high payoff tasks.

That’s when I stopped being a reluctant entrepreneur and became a true entrepreneur. But there was another sea change too… I stopped expecting everything to work out immediately. I realized that to become truly prosperous meant taking one action after another without judgment, allowing things to germinate in the unseen world and letting the Universe surprise me, which it often did!

Get Out of Stuckville

Ready for some unstoppable momentum? Here are the five things to put in play now:

1. Commit to one decisive direction
If you know what you want to do and you’ve confirmed that it strikes a deep resonant chord with your target audience, commit now to becoming a master at reaching and serving those people.

If you’re uncertain what to do or who to serve, commit to one focused direction — anything! (You know that I favor the niche market method because it requires no particular expertise, specific knowledge or skills.) Then, pursue that direction with steadfast determination.

Let the magic begin! Some of the best things in life come from simply showing up day after day and doing your best even if it doesn’t seem like your high calling or life’s purpose. This is how the Universe conspires to bring you incredible opportunities, great alliances and meaningful connections!

The only real mistake is not deciding, not committing and not taking consistent action. The Start-Stop-Stuck pattern is a form of self sabotage.

2. Play big
Play for keeps. Be as bold as you can to stand out in the crowd. Do it your way and let your brilliance shine. Okay, I know that’s a lot of “rah, rah!”, but it’s true… no one ever gets to six or seven figures by playing small.

3. Plan your work
If you don’t have a step-by-step plan for your next promotional campaign, you’re more likely to fall into the Start-Stop-Stuck pattern and end up feeling alone and discouraged.

If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking that other entrepreneurs easily get all the clients or make a huge income, take the time to watch closely what those people do. They have lots of things in play ALL THE TIME! Anyone who earns well and has lots of clients has set in motion a well-laid plan. For example, they post a series of 10 – 15 emails, use their blog and social networks to reinforce those emails, deliver enrolling webinars– all sorts of things done in concert to bring about their big results. You can do those things too with a plan.

4. Work your plan without expectation or judgment
So much is happening in the unseen world. The seeds you plant will germinate in their own time. That’s why it’s wise to plant a lot of seeds and keep watering them in faith!

Absolutely, set intention for a specific result. Vision for what you want in living color and high detail. But then release attachment. Expectations become feelings of entitlement and then quickly… disappointment. If you didn’t reap the results you wanted, ask yourself: “What ELSE can I do right now to improve my results?” Then get to it.

5. Develop the “Gift” mindset
Have you ever noticed that people who seem to expect little, but think big and act boldly seem happier? They are often healthier too. Great opportunities and money flow to them thank to their positive mental attitude.

Try this… look for the gift in everything. No matter what happens in your business or life, no matter what results you get from your actions, see the gift. Be grateful for the results that have come your way, for the clients you do have. Believe that more are on their way. Stay in action.

Share your comments and your own power plays to stay out of stuckville here.


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