3 Coach Archetypes – Which Are You Today?

Each coach brings deep skills, world wisdom and powerful purpose to the table. But some excel in their coaching business more consistently than others. Why is that? Mindset is the make or break factor in our success on any given day. The good news is, we control the messages we feed ourselves.

If you want to bring in more consistent results in your coaching business, pay attention to the archetypes you embody – the pattern of thoughts and behaviors that you play out – they will help you consciously change and grow.

The 3 Coach Archetypes

Watching myself and my clients closely for the last decade, I’ve noticed that coaches often default into one of three behavioral patterns:

brave hearted coach

  • Some coaches are perpetual students, always engaged in consuming information. These knowledge seekers may be steered by possibility thinking, but they distract themselves from taking persistent high payoff actions.
  • Some coaches are perfectionists. They may “tear up the ground” getting things done, but their belief that nothing they do is good enough takes the power out of their actions.
  • Some coaches are brave hearts who are 100% committed to their own success. They cultivate both the courage and capacity to manifest what they most want, by adjusting to a powerful mindset while taking high payoff actions.

Let’s take a closer look at the three archetypes. While you do, notice which one is your default for now. This doesn’t define who you are; it’s just the pattern you’ve currently settled into. You have the power to love yourself into a more powerful way of thinking and doing. Trust that.

The Perpetual Student

The main message these folks feed themselves is: “I don’t know enough.”

They say: “I’m just learning. I still don’t know enough to be a professional. The answers I need are out there…”

Are you desperate to fill the holes in your understanding?

Do you often spend more on programs and certifications than you earn through coaching?

Do you ever feel like a fraud — and then reach for the next “bright shiny object” to fill that feeling of lack?

If you recognize yourself in these statements, you’re not alone. Many coaches get stuck in this pattern. Set intention to break free from this now!

Any strength overused becomes a weakness. Over-consumption of information, without fully implementing what you learn, leads to overwhelm — which can weigh you down and dissolve your courage. Take these steps to shift:

  1. Turn off the flow of information coming in, until you have implemented what you already invested in.
  2. Get most of your learning from doing, as a professional in the field.
  3. Your new mantra is: “Everything I need to be successful is inside me now. I implement what I learn and take daily actions to manifest what I want most.”
  4. To get on track and stay motivated, reach for mentoring support and accountability processes, rather than more training or information.
  5. Trust yourself and your calling. Recognize the vast knowledge and skills you bring to the table, and use them to serve and earn well.

The Perfectionist

The internal tape these coaches play is some version of: “I’m not good enough.”

They say: “Once I have everything perfect and all my ducks are in a row, then I’ll get out there for real.”

Do you find yourself obsessively re-working everything before you put it in front of your target market?

Do you chronically over-deliver, sometimes do your client’s work for them, and undercharge?

Are you working hard but not on the things that will actually bring you ideal clients and income?

If you’ve got impossibly high standards, welcome to the club. But we both know those high standards cause more stress than success. The coaching business full of star clients that you long for, will come from relaxing your standards and taking intuitive, decisive actions. Take these steps now to shift:

  1. Limit your time on each task. Aim to be in the flow for a single “power hour” each day and accomplish as much as you can that’s “good enough”. Then do another power hour to work on other tasks, or take a break.
  2. First thing each business day, complete one to three bite-size high payoff actions — things that take you out of your comfort zone and have a big impact on your coaching business success. (Hint: it’s not reworking your web content the third time; it’s something like making calls to invite people to consults, and enrolling new clients.)
  3. Make this your new mantra: “I am enough as I am now. My target market prefers intuitive to overworked materials and programs.”
  4. Realize that your prospects and clients want to connect with the real you, not the plastic version. Whatever you do for your coaching business will have more impact when it comes from your authentic heart.
  5. When you set out to do something, set intention that you will “bake it” to 60% done, and then get feedback from your market before you tweak it further.

The Brave Heart

The mantra of these coaches is: “I am on my power path.”

Do you feel the fear and do it anyway?

Do you summon courage, rather than looking for confidence to try something new?

Do you look for the answers within yourself before looking outside yourself?

You recognize this archetype. When you feel decisive, are focused on high impact tasks and 100% committed to your own success, it feels great and brings more of the results you want. Coaches living this pattern will sometimes plod and sometimes leap toward their goals, but they know they are on a hero’s journey. As they move forward, they adjust to possibility thinking, and adopt an attitude of gratitude.

All of us can summon our courage any time. It requires no special training or certifications, and has nothing to do with perfection. If you want to be the brave hearted coach:

  1. Step fully onto your power path and stay the course.
  2. Cultivate an “unstoppable” attitude and new skills, while you fully utilize what you already know.
  3. Raise courage, rather than looking for confidence, to cross thresholds into the unknown.
  4. Believe that you are enough, you know enough, and you are meant to achieve your dream.

Are you ready to take a big leap in your coaching business? Entrain your mind before you do anything else. Thoughts are the fuel that stoke your fire and put you in motion.

Turn on your power of observation. Keep it on, and watch your patterns of both thought and action. What you tell yourself will determine how you leverage your actions to manifest what you really want.

What messages are you feeding yourself today? Are there other “archetypes” you’ve identified? What will you do today to cultivate your brave heart?


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