Positive Thinking to Boost Your Coaching Business

The Law of Attraction gets a lot of airplay in the personal development and coaching industries. But sometimes visualizing what you want doesn’t bring the results you’re looking for. What’s missing?

Whether the Law of Attraction actually “works” is a metaphysical question. But if you’re inclined to believe there’s something to it, as I am, there is a more interesting question to ask:

  • How do you sustain prosperity thinking through the ups and downs that inevitably come with building a coaching business?

A lot of popular abundance media, such as The Secret, tends to gloss over pieces that are essential to true prosperity, such as:

Coaching Business Opportunities – When It Pays to Say ‘No’

Is every coaching client you have a pure joy to work with?
Do you consistently find the time to market your coaching business and create new programs?
Are you making a great income from your coaching business?

If you answer ‘no’ to any of these questions, you’re not alone. Most coaches grapple with these issues.

Years ago, that was me. I was working very hard, and getting by, but not having the experience I hoped for.

And here’s why… I’d take on nearly any client, any speaking opportunity, say ‘yes’ to every proposal. I’d leap at all the bright shiny objects, never realizing how they wasted my time and energy. I figured, any client at any price is better than none, and any opportunity available now shouldn’t be passed up.

Riding the Waves of Dynamic Change

The coaches I work with have big dreams. They are powerful people with awesome toolboxes and deep genius. It’s painful sometimes, but they’re letting go of outmoded mindsets and learning possibility thinking on the fly. Often their coaching business is not paying what they’re worth by a long shot, but it’s just a matter of moments ’til they bust through their income ceiling.

My job is to help coaches stay on the path with power, knowing they are in the best place, even when it doesn’t feel good. That’s when their potential is the highest and the gateways to greatness are thrown wide open.

Coaching Business Abundance – Consciously Crafting Your Coaching Business

Do you remember why you became a life coach? Do you still feel the calling? More than ever, it’s important to believe in your dreams. Slow down. Calm your fears about the future and revive your vision for your coaching business, your life, and the world.

I know that you’ve heard a lot about Law of Attraction principles, but you might have forgotten to use them in the constant drive to get things done and get ahead. All of those high payoff actions you complete around your coaching business will bring a powerful result if your mind is aligned with your vision. Like the current in a river, prosperous thinking allows what you want – more coaching clients, a better income – to flow towards you.

The 5-step manifestation process I’m about to share with you really works! I’ve experienced it for myself and seen its positive effect on others. Make this a part of your daily practice. Then watch how you attract more financial prosperity and feel better.

The Coach with the Best Inner Game Wins

Why do some coaches fill their practice with ideal clients in just a few months, while others may take years or never achieve a full coaching practice? I’ve been studying this a long time. The answer to this mystery isn’t what you might think…

  • It’s certainly not that they are more skillful coaches.
  • It’s not that they have a slicker coaching website. It’s not even that they have more experience in marketing.
  • And it’s not the coaching market they’ve chosen to focus on (although that often is a linchpin to success).

The number one factor is how they value themselves.