12 Things That Make a Preview Teleseminar Rock

You can learn almost anything by watching mentors who are already successful. I call it “observe, model, test and tweak”. Of course it’s also really handy to learn the “insider secrets” from experts and get templates that short cut your way to a great teleseminar.

When I think of the best teleseminars I’ve experienced, here’s what they all have going for them:
12 Things That Make a Preview Teleseminar Rock

    1. Hot Topic

    Emails and social networking posts convey a pinpointed topic that’s highly relevant to me and makes it clear why I should sign up.

      1. Rockin’ Key Points

      What will be covered is intriguing enough that I commit in my calendar to attend live.

        1. Outstanding Optin

        Bite Size Steps for Creating Ace Promotional Copy

        In my last post, 7 Quick & Fun Steps to Biz Planning Your Whole Year, I showed you how to plan your next year in just one hour. One critical step for your biz was to decide when and what programs you’ll promote. The idea is to think through now how you’ll earn your desired income. If you did that, you’re ready for the next series of bite-size steps — writing ace promotional copy.

        First, I’d like to normalize this process for you a bit. I know it can feel scary to promote your programs. You might be afraid of irritating the people on your list. You may believe promotion is ugly or at best a necessary evil. Or you may have judgments about your abilities.

        Here’s a prosperous reframe: Think of promoting your program as if you’re inviting people to a party where you’ll serve up your very best. You want them to be there and accept your gifts. You’re offering them a meaningful experience. I have 12 little steps to help you create your “invitation”.

        To write compelling copy, become crystal clear about what you’re offering, why you’re offering it, why someone would want that, what it will do for them and all the details they’ll need to know to decide.

        Guess what? That’s exactly what’s in a sales or landing page. Here we go!

        Quick Fixes for 10 Group Coaching Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes the First Time

        Group coaching, masterminds, teleclasses and workshops are fantastic ways to leverage your time, earn significantly more and give your tribe a richer experience that has lasting impact. But if you are not used to working with groups, it can feel a bit intimidating.

        group coaching Rhonda HessThe best advice I can give you is allow yourself to be vulnerable and let connection and collaboration take the lead. Sure be the authority, but also understand in your heart that the magic of groups is in the group

        Everyone makes mistakes. They are never fatal to the program. At worst you might upset someone, but if you’re tracking the energy, you’ll know that and can easily make up for it by being real, owning your mistake and offering an offline private conversation. I’ve been amazed how in those circumstances the individuals always come back as more enthusiastic contributors who take leaps in the program.

        Here some favorite facilitation mistakes and how to avoid or correct them.

        1. Too much information
          Limit yourself to 3 key points for every 90-minute period. Illustrate your point with powerful open-ended questions, exercises and stories that are relevant.

        How to Create a High Ticket Coaching Package

        Is it time for you to have your own high ticket coaching package? If you prefer to work with clients at a deep level, but want to move on from classic one to one coaching into long term group coaching, then you’re ready to create a bundled program your clients will love! And why not significantly amp up your profits while you’re at it?

        Go for high quality, high impact time with your clients. But be sure to play to your strengths while also considering what people in your market really want. Some markets will be too busy for individual calls and prefer live events at an exciting destination where they can tack on vacation time. Some markets will want more “hand holding”, so you’ll want to load on opportunities for both group and private support.

        Bundle Together Lots of Goodies

        It’s really “anything goes” when it comes to designing your high ticket coaching package so feel free to get really creative as long as you know it will please you and your market. Here are a few tried and true features you can mix and match.

        Keep in mind, what makes a program worth the big ticket price is proximity to you and in depth experiences.

        Create a High Ticket Coaching PackageGroup calls — Offer one type or a combination of group coaching, mentoring, educational teleseminars, and/or mastermind calls.

        Small group support —Break your larger group into sub-groups with mini-masterminds or monthly or weekly accountability buddies.

        Private coaching by phone — Include 1:1 sessions of any length that are pre-scheduled or set “open coaching” time periods on a first-come-first-serve basis.

        Live events — These could be private or group half-day or full-day intensives or retreats.

        Online connection — Provide some sort of low touch venue for members in your group to connect, ask questions, share wins and challenges, such as private social networks or Q&A forums.

        Perfectionism: The Anti-Strategy For Your Coaching Business

        Mistakes are the best teachers. In fact, if you’re not making mistakes regularly you’re probably not taking enough risks in your coaching business. Holding yourself back until everything’s perfect is a losing strategy. Whereas, allowing yourself to be “bad at something” and get rapidly better as you go, actually feels better and brings the best results.

        If you think about it, perfectionism has a kind of irony or arrogance to it – as if you could ever get your coaching business completely right in your head, without having to take it to the street and get some feedback from the real world.

        I guarantee that you’ll save yourself gray hair and stress fat if you train yourself out of perfectionistic tendencies starting now. Believe me, I know it’s challenging to let that habit go. But fussing over details won’t help your outlook, life experience or coaching income, and will absolutely cost you time, money and sanity.

        That doesn’t mean you want to make every possible mistake. If you have the opportunity to learn from someone else’s mistakes without making them yourself, it’s a boon! So, let me humbly share four classic mistakes I’ve made in my coaching business, so that you don’t have to. All of these mistakes share that quality of trying to get it right in your head, being afraid to try something out and get feedback.

        4 of My Favorite Coaching Business Mistakes

        Agonizing over things that don’t matter in the big scheme of things.

        Not once, but three times I “perfected” my logo and business cards. (I just unearthed and filled my recycle bin with unused cards and brochures!) I remember agonizing with designers and printers over colors, my logo and card stock. Here’s the kicker, over 13 years of being a coach I’ve used less than 100 business cards! Shocking? Not really. Most coaches just don’t need that many.

        A word of advice for you – Vistaprint. It’s likely all you’ll ever need for your business cards or other printed materials.

        Saying yes to opportunities because I was afraid not to.

        Good opportunities are a dime a dozen. But the right opportunities – the ones that fit your success criteria like a glove – are worth waiting for. I know it’s flattering when everyone wants a piece of you, but it’s also distracting.

        How to Fill Your Coaching Workshops Without Hype

        It’s a blast when your coaching workshops fill and your ebook sells hundreds of copies! Using language that strikes a chord with your coaching market is a highly creative and satisfying process. Learning how to write compelling copy is essential to your success. This guest post by my friend and well-known copywriter, Michele PW, will open your mind to the art and power of sales letters.

        Do those long-copy sales letters actually work?

        This is one of those questions I get ALL the time.

        “I never read those long-copy sales letters. They can’t possibly work, can they?”

        “MY target market doesn’t read those long-copy sales letters, they want shorter letters.”

        “I can’t imagine anyone reading that much.”

        And so on.

        Write Your Way to Coaching Business Success

        I interviewed Carol Hess (no relation to me) about writing, the best gateway skill for marketing your coaching business and boosting your income.

        Carol is owner of Tame the Writing Monster where she helps coaches become persuasive and powerful writers on behalf of their businesses.

        Listen to this interview and read the highlights below.