Coaching Business Opportunities – How to Tell the Right Ones from the Rest

I have said that sometimes the winning move is to decline a coaching client or a chance to market your business. You’ll get better results from saying ‘yes’ if you are willing to say ‘no’ some of the time.

But how do you know when to decline? What’s the difference between a good opportunity and the right opportunity?

Only you can say, but here’s how to get started: create your own success criteria, write them down, keep them handy, and use them. Success criteria are ground rules you set to help you decide which opportunities are worth pursuing in your business.

Coaching Business Opportunities – When It Pays to Say ‘No’

Is every coaching client you have a pure joy to work with?
Do you consistently find the time to market your coaching business and create new programs?
Are you making a great income from your coaching business?

If you answer ‘no’ to any of these questions, you’re not alone. Most coaches grapple with these issues.

Years ago, that was me. I was working very hard, and getting by, but not having the experience I hoped for.

And here’s why… I’d take on nearly any client, any speaking opportunity, say ‘yes’ to every proposal. I’d leap at all the bright shiny objects, never realizing how they wasted my time and energy. I figured, any client at any price is better than none, and any opportunity available now shouldn’t be passed up.

Five Time Saving Resources for Coaches

Time is the biggest limitation that coaches face. If you place a high value on your time, you’re using prosperity thinking. You’ll make better choices and attract more of what you really want.

One way to leverage your time is to invest in resources that shorten your learning curves and ease time-consuming tasks. You’ll be freed up to double or triple your income.

Five Jiu Jitsu Moves to Organize Your Coaching Business

My computer consultant was at my office last week optimizing my Macbook for my next business trip. Opening up my email, he said: “OMG, your inbox is clean!” Then he looked around my office. “Are you really this organized?” I am. To be successful I have to be.

Stuff is distracting. If your office and inbox are overflowing and you don’t like it any more, keep it clean with these five Jiu Jitsu moves: