12 Types of Blog Posts or Ezine Articles that Entertain

As you know, I’m a big fan of blogs, especially when they are on the home page of your website, because they help you build your list faster and establish credibility while creating a relationship with your tribe. Ezines also create an ongoing connection.

But I know that writing a weekly article (or posting a video) can start to drag. And if you keep procrastinating, you’ll eventually lose the benefit of publishing a regular article out to your list – continuous presence and building trust. And it adds stress!

So how can you keep fresh ideas flowing to your blog or ezine? Shake it up! And, if you want to really de-stess, plan most of  your posts!

creativity in writing

Both you and your readers will enjoy your articles or videos more if you vary the TYPE of post you publish. Here are 12 types posts that won’t fail to entertain and inform your readers:

1. How To /Educational
If you’re good at simplifying complex concepts and processes, this may be your ACE in the hole. And it’s easy to re-purpose these types of posts into freebies, bonuses or entire products.

What’s Hot and What’s Not for Coaching Businesses in 2012

As the new year approaches I thought it would be fun to share my 3 predictions for what’s in and what’s out for coaches in the coming year.

Webinars Overtake Teleseminars

I’m not saying that teleseminars are out, but webinars are certainly IN! Have you noticed there’s more webinars being offered than ever before? One reason is that social media has raised the desire for visual cues. When I browse through my Facebook news feed, I tend to focus faster on posts with photos, graphics and videos. What about you?

Another reason webinars are gaining popularity is that attendance rates are higher and people enjoy the chat function. When there’s something to follow along and a way to connect, attendees stay longer on calls and multi-task less. And if you’re promoting through webinars, that means more clients and higher income.

A well-done set of power point slides delivered as a pdf handout may accomplish the same thing for a teleseminar. In either case, the quality of the visuals and timing will affect results.

Also, there are new systems for webinars, such as Evergreen Business Systems, which makes distributing webinars so much easier. The replays are more interesting that audio alone.

Of course, the big downside to webinars is the cost of the webinar recording systems like GotoWebinar and the potential for technical difficulties. But, like any 3rd party system, invest in it with intention to use it frequently, which justifies the cost while you get more technically savvy.

My Favorite Things for My Coaching Biz

Thank you for following my blog. In gratitude for your big heart, your big goals, your courageous actions – I’m sharing some of the tools and support systems that have made this past year so much easier, more joyful and more profitable for me.

#1 My Fabulous Online Business Manager

An online business manager is much, much more than a Virtual Assistant. She keeps me on task, on track and manages all my promotions and projects. She’s always hip to what’s hot and new in marketing, online tools and trends. She streamlines my email, takes care of customer service and keeps all Prosperous Coach web pages, documents and processes up to date. Sorry to say my OBM is booked but you can find a good one too at the link above.

#2 My Ace Webmaster – Nichole Betterley

There are web designers and then the more rare, web MASTER. Nichole is bar none the finest designer/coder. Not only did Nichole make my website beautiful, clean and easy to navigate, she keeps it that way. And when I want to add some new fangled system like Digital Access Pass for my membership programs, or Evergreen Business Systems so I can get webinars out there big time to my market, she digs in and finds the most elegant way to code it so it works like a charm.

#3 Jeff Minnichbach, Freelance Designer

Need a free report laid out professionally. Jeff will make your content look top notch!

How to Write a Series of Enthusiastic & Effective Promotional Emails

When you really believe in something, you want to share it with others, right? Because it’s important to you, you’re not shy about getting the word out. Put this same energy and intention into your promotional emails. Enthusiastically invite people on your list to engage with you.

Take this into your heart… the specific transformation you provide to your target audience is highly valuable. If you aren’t certain about this now, do whatever it takes to raise your certainty. Align your offers with topics your target audience is hungry to learn more about. Your enthusiasm is infectious.

Then, as you’re promoting your next free preview event — a teleseminar, webinar or series of videos to enroll your tribe into your paid program — shout it from the mountaintops! Don’t deprive anyone of the chance to get in on what you’re offering.

Why use a series of different emails instead of just one? Diversity in your subject lines and message allows different people to hear your message in a way and at a pace that lands best with each person in your tribe. I covered three key reasons why email series work better than a single email in the last post – Are You Afraid to Promote Your Offers in a Big Way?


Build the Relationship First

These promotional email tips assume you have a leads list and you’ve been connecting with them through your blog, ezine or other value-based articles regularly. People will only read your promo emails and sign up for your preview events if they recognize you and trust your brand.

A good rule of thumb is to send a minimum of 3 emails to your target audience before the preview event. Supplement with blog posts or ezines on relevant topics during the promotional campaign with a little plug and hot link to the sign up page at the end.

Are You Afraid to Promote Your Offers in a Big Way?

Over a decade, I’ve learned a lot of things the “hard” way by making mistakes and then having a big “aha” that set me on the right track. One lesson that really stands out:

Don’t make decisions out of fear.

Have you shied away from sending a series of promotional emails about one of your offers because you’re afraid of bothering people or doing it wrong? Your fear may be sabotaging your desire to be a successful coach.

But, if you’re on the mailing lists of well known thought leaders, you know this… when they promote a few times each year, they really go for it!

Are You Afraid to Promote Your Offers in a Big Way - Rhonda HessYou can tell they believe in what they’re offering and they’re not shy about letting you in on it. Everything they do has been planned out well in advance, including a series of emails that point you to a preview of their program through a free teleseminar, webinar, or video series.

It’s highly effective. That’s why they keep doing it despite the fact they have a huge list of raving fans.

It’s all about frequency, diversity and pacing.

Three Smart Reasons to Send a Series of Promotional Emails

1. Frequent invitations build a buzz. With each successive email, excitement builds, and as time goes on, more people want to get in on it. People tweet it, share it on Facebook and forward the email to colleagues. If you’re using promotional partners, the buzz grows louder and reaches more people faster.

Bite Size Steps for Creating Ace Promotional Copy

In my last post, 7 Quick & Fun Steps to Biz Planning Your Whole Year, I showed you how to plan your next year in just one hour. One critical step for your biz was to decide when and what programs you’ll promote. The idea is to think through now how you’ll earn your desired income. If you did that, you’re ready for the next series of bite-size steps — writing ace promotional copy.

First, I’d like to normalize this process for you a bit. I know it can feel scary to promote your programs. You might be afraid of irritating the people on your list. You may believe promotion is ugly or at best a necessary evil. Or you may have judgments about your abilities.

Here’s a prosperous reframe: Think of promoting your program as if you’re inviting people to a party where you’ll serve up your very best. You want them to be there and accept your gifts. You’re offering them a meaningful experience. I have 12 little steps to help you create your “invitation”.

To write compelling copy, become crystal clear about what you’re offering, why you’re offering it, why someone would want that, what it will do for them and all the details they’ll need to know to decide.

Guess what? That’s exactly what’s in a sales or landing page. Here we go!