Ep 145 – What’s Your Coaching Business Kryptonite?

This episode is super short and inspired by the saboteur in all of us who keeps us from greatness.

You remember Superman — the dude who could do anything and seemed unstoppable except when he encountered Kryptonite. That green crystal weakened Superman so he was powerless.

Your coaching business kryptonite is something you avoid. It’s the thing that keeps you from your super power.

You want to coach for a living. You want to help people achieve and transform. And you want to earn well at this so you don’t have to work at someone else’s company on someone else’s goals with their rules.

So what’s your kryptonite in your coaching business? It could be something deeply personal and unique to you.

I’ve said this before … a recurring lesson for me is about personal power. When I stand firm in my personal power and do what’s right for me with integrity everything in my business works better.

There might be something like that for you. It trips you up time and again. I can tell you it’s a great opportunity for you to put your awareness on that thing and evolve.

Your kryptonite could be about making a decision. Here are 2 decisions that, left unmade, will hold you back from starting much less achieving success in your coaching business:

  1. Choosing a narrow and viable audience of seekers to serve. It’s the first big decision that could make or break your time as a coach. But that’s not to say that there’s only one right decision for you. Sometimes it’s about making the decision not what the decision is that keeps you stuck.
  2. Building your niche around helping them solve their big problem that’s in the way of their big goal.

Or your kryptonite could be situational. You come to a moment that requires something of you and you’re stopped in your tracks. Here are three things …

  1. Inviting prospects to work with you. Or maybe not. Some clients will hire you outright. Some people need to be asked. If you don’t ask, they might not decide.
  2. Charging enough with clients so you can earn well. This is big kryptonite, guys. If it’s not faced, it will keep your business floundering.
  3. Putting out valuable content every week to stay in front of your audience. This is often what it takes to get noticed in the online world. And if you operate off line then it may be about setting up meetings regularly or networking.

Its usually fear or lack of know-how that keeps you from moving forward with confidence to the next step. I help my clients move past both.

Your kryptonite could be about smaller moments in time:

  1. Asking for testimonials. I failed to do this for over a decade! And it can make a difference in whether people hire you or not. Don’t wait like I did.
  2. Following up with prospects. You won’t bother them. You’ll wake them from distractions so they can make a decision.
  3. Inviting past clients back. It’s worth it. This is easy money and can be lovely to reconnect.

Or it could be big blocks that keep you far from success:

  1. Chronic procrastination. You can beat this with a little help.
  2. Getting distracted by bright shiny objects.
  3. Treating your business like a hobby. It’s time to don the CEO mantle and stop pretending. Be who you long to be.

Every one of these things I listed are the usual suspects. Nearly all coaches at some time have trouble with these things. And I know from being a person who struggled with all of this at one time, that all can be shifted by working on mindset and habits.

Your mindset and habits can be powerful kryptonite or powerful success factors. It’s mind over matter. Don’t let anything stop you from what you ultimately want. And don’t be afraid to get support to help you break free from your kryptonite. Superman had help. You can too.

Ep 109 – Are You Casting a Spell Against Your Coaching Business?

In episode 106 I talked about practices I use to help me manifest more ideal coaching clients and income.

In this episode, let’s talk about the other side of that – how coaches cast a spell of failure on themselves.

A couple of caveats first …

  • I believe that I can change my mind. I can change my beliefs. I can change the way I respond to things. It may take time and it’s doable with awareness.
  • I believe that success requires more than positive thinking. Positive thinking lightens the way. It helps me put the focus on what’s working and gratitude. Strategic action joins with positive thinking to help me attract what I want.

So with that in mind … imagine that money and success are simply a flow of energy. Visualize them as a river. A river wants to flow, right? And it will find the way of least resistance to keep flowing.

What can you do to encourage the flow of money and success towards you?

Consider listening to episode 104 and whole series on Money Mastery at prosperouscoach.com/money

What are you thinking, saying or doing that discourages that flow?

I can tell you how I used to discourage the flow of positive results in my coaching business. It came down to spending more time in fear and worry than in believing in myself and taking strategic action.

  • I saw other people’s successes as a threat to my own.
  • I didn’t own my value shown by how I didn’t highly value my time. (I’m talking about fees here)
  • I feared success and kept myself small in my actions.
  • I paid more attention to my failures than my successes.

Sound familiar?

Scarcity thinking is normal for most human beings. Our culture teaches us to long for what we don’t have rather than receive and enjoy what we do. That builds a muscle for wanting instead of building a muscle for receiving and enjoying.

You can build a stronger muscle for receiving and gratitude. And by doing that you attract more of what you want that what you don’t want.

Back to the energy metaphor, fear and worry about what you DON’T WANT to happen is like putting an obstacle right in the middle of that positive energy flow so that it simply goes around you. Picture a beaver dam in a river.

Here’s another way to illustrate this. Have you ever spent time with someone who is continuously self-deprecating or negative? How does it make you feel? Even if you love the person it becomes less and less good for you to be around them. Eventually you will find excuses not to connect.

Continuously is the watchword here. Everyone deserves the opportunity for an occasional rant.

Everyone deserves to share real feelings with people they care about. Ideally, feeling those feelings and sharing them creates forward movement. It’s catharsis rather than habit.

In the past I cast a spell on myself by thinking negative thoughts over and over. Thoughts like:

  • “Nothing is working.”
  • “It takes a long time to be successful.”
  • “No one wants my services.”
  • “No one will pay my fees.”
  • “I’m discouraged. I’m disappointed.”

That breeds disappointment which quickly becomes toxic.

Just saying these things out loud to you I feel the negative impact of them. So banish the thoughts! These are not my thought habits now.

The easiest way to replace thought patterns is to notice what you’re saying to yourself. Catch yourself in the thinking and reframe.

Ask people close to you to gently catch you in that thinking too. A gentle reminder to reframe is all you need to build the muscle for receiving and gratitude.

Prospects can feel your energy. They can feel what you’re putting out there. They may not consciously know what you’re saying to yourself but the scarcity is there as an energy and repels them.

Consider jotting down the ways you have been casting a negative spell on yourself. Writing those things down helps you put yourself on notice.

Also write down a reframe. Play with the reframe until there’s no hint of negative spell casting in it. You can do this!

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Ep 105 – 3 Ways to Keep Momentum If Coaching Clients Aren’t Flowing In Yet

This episode is dedicated to the brilliant members of Prosperous Coach Clubmy Facebook group — full of coaches who support each other to stay inspired and make things happen.

Here’s the truth … business startup requires deep reserves of patience and endurance. Perhaps more than nearly any other situation in life.

It’s not easy.

Perseverance, grit, determination, discipline and belief in self – all those life skills that might not be your strengths yet are what you need to build to keep your momentum going.

The only way to get those skills is to master your mindset and habits.

If you do learn to master those things, you will be amazed at what it brings you. Not just income, not just great clients and coaching experiences but also the joy of respecting yourself.

Getting your coaching business established and working for you absolutely requires you to believe it WILL happen — even when there’s evidence to the contrary.

That’s right. You have to have faith in your abilities, in the Universe and in your original impulse to become a coach.

Remember … the whole point of faith is that it’s there even in the absence of proof.

Stop the Emotional Roller Coaster About Coaching Business Results

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s normal and natural to sometimes get impatient, discouraged and maybe even need an afternoon off to stew or just play.

But don’t let yourself continuously ride an emotional roller coaster. You know the high highs followed by low lows I’m talking about? I’m quite familiar with them.

I invite you to raise awareness about that emotional roller coaster so you can begin to master your mindset.

At first all you need do is simply witness with compassion what happens inside of you day to day:

Someone responds positively to your newly minted website – you swing high.

Someone else criticizes something on your website – you swing low.

Someone says yes to having a Discovery call – you swing high.

Someone says no to hiring you – you swing low.

Someone talks up an opportunity that will promote you – you swing high.

That same person isn’t responding to your follow up emails to seal the deal – you swing low.

What’s the common denominator here? What the other person says or does is dictating your reaction.

You can stop that by raising your awareness to master your mindset.

Listen, nothing is wrong with you. All new business owners are initiated through patience.

It simply takes time to establish a business. During this seemingly interminable slow time 3 important things are happening:

  1. People are getting repeat exposure to you and naturally deciding whether or not they are in your tribe. There is nothing bad about that. It’s all good.
  2. You are finding your own style, approach and process with many new things. Just like a baby learning to become a toddler. It’s not always pretty but you would never deny that baby the chance to grow into themselves. Don’t deny yourself that time.
  3. You are stepping into the CEO role of your business. More about this in a minute.

But you are not being rejected. There’s a natural process here. Allow the naysayers to naysay. It’s not about you. Allow opportunities to flow in and out. The right ones will materialize.

All that’s happening here is that you are establishing your business and it will take more time.

You are not receiving signals that you’re not on the right path. You’re being tested for your resolve. Stay the course and be true to yourself.

Remember Why You Wanted to Coach

When you get discouraged, feel that feeling with intention to get it out of your body. Left there it will fester. So feel it but don’t let it stick to you.

Master your mindset by remembering why you came here in the first place.

Maybe for you it’s belief in coaching skills to transform human beings. Yes they surely do.

Maybe for you it’s about rising into leadership. Yes! Lead yourself to success.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to be your own boss. Be that boss.

Step Into the CEO Role of Your Coaching Business

What does it really mean to step into the CEO role of your business?

It’s taking ownership of your business and becoming fully responsible for your results. It’s shifting away from being a student and graduating with your mindset and actions.

Yes, you’re still learning and will for the rest of your life but now you’re actually responsible for the results of your business. It is your actions, decisions and mindset that will bring about clients, income and positive experiences (or negative ones).

To do that, hold the momentum out of love for yourself, for your growth and for your future clients’ growth too.

Take these first these first three steps:

  1. Set up specific office hours and show up for them even if you don’t yet have clients filling some of that time.
  • Block time for specific tasks every day to build your business. Put it on your calendar and hold yourself accountable for completing those tasks such as create and publish good content, promote that content through social channels and more. Drive traffic to the conversion processes you have on your website.

Do the things that make you squirm over and over until they don’t make you squirm any more.

  • Pay yourself well. Don’t give away your services for free or low fees. A CEO would never do that.

I hope you’ll surround yourself with cheerleaders like the other coaches of my Facebook group. We all need support to stay the course, to keep the momentum going. No one need do this alone.

Help each other step into that CEO role and get off the emotional roller coaster by beginning to master your mindset.

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