Quick Fixes for 10 Group Coaching Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes the First Time

Group coaching, masterminds, teleclasses and workshops are fantastic ways to leverage your time, earn significantly more and give your tribe a richer experience that has lasting impact. But if you are not used to working with groups, it can feel a bit intimidating.

group coaching Rhonda HessThe best advice I can give you is allow yourself to be vulnerable and let connection and collaboration take the lead. Sure be the authority, but also understand in your heart that the magic of groups is in the group

Everyone makes mistakes. They are never fatal to the program. At worst you might upset someone, but if you’re tracking the energy, you’ll know that and can easily make up for it by being real, owning your mistake and offering an offline private conversation. I’ve been amazed how in those circumstances the individuals always come back as more enthusiastic contributors who take leaps in the program.

Here some favorite facilitation mistakes and how to avoid or correct them.

  1. Too much information
    Limit yourself to 3 key points for every 90-minute period. Illustrate your point with powerful open-ended questions, exercises and stories that are relevant.

Business Friendships for Fun and Profit

Last weekend I flew to San Diego to go bowling with friends and build my business. OK, not necessarily in that order. I attended a networking summit with a bunch of conscious business owners in the Internet marketing space. Besides the bowling, we also shared marketing tips, tried out new business ideas, and set up promotional partnerships. But the point is, I was among friends.

Old alliances were refreshed and new connections sparked. And, I brought home the precious feeling that these guys have my back. If I’m looking for a particular resource, or I need perspective on something I’m working on, I know one or more of them will be there to help.

A peer network supports coaching business success

Don’t Build Your Coaching Business Alone

Even if you’re somewhat of a loner, you still need other people to hold space for your evolution while you grow. I know that for some it can be a stretch to hold your own in a group. I’ve been there, many times. But the rewards are rich – starting with the intrinsic reward of camaraderie, that priceless feeling of good fellowship on the journey.

And it doesn’t stop there. The truth is, every business owner needs a success team. You need team members you can trust with the tasks that are not the best use of your time. You also need mentors who help fill the holes in your knowledge, fans who cheer you on, and business friends who check your sanity, hold up an honest mirror for you, and help you spark new ideas.

I owe my business success to an ever-growing group of human angels. Their questions have sharpened and clarified my vision. They’ve believed in me when my belief in myself flagged. They’ve helped me accomplish more than I ever could have alone. And sometimes they’ve led the way to a clear and easy path forward.

Create a Mastermind Group for Your Coaching Market

If you are only offering one to one coaching right now, this is the year to diversify your revenue streams. Your own Mastermind group is the easiest new program to offer. It’s a lower cost option for prospects to engage with you, and it will help you get off the money for time treadmill. As well as being a great stand alone program, a Mastermind group can be a great upsell or follow on program to a freebie, workshop or ebook.

Coaching Groups – Ten Favorite Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Group coaching, mastermind programs, teleclasses and workshops are natural additions to a well-leveraged marketing funnel for your coaching business. And they help you reduce your time on the “money for time treadmill”. But if you are not used to working with groups, it can be a bit intimidating.

Every group facilitator starts as a beginner and develops mastery by facilitating.  Everyone makes mistakes. While they are rarely fatal to the program, it’s good to know about the pitfalls in advance.

Here are ten favorite facilitation mistakes and how to avoid or correct them.