How to Get High Impact Testimonials from Coaching Clients

Did you know that most people only read 10% of the text on your coaching website or a landing page? That means that every bit of copy should be essential and high impact. It’s true of testimonials as well.

Left to their own devices, your clients will usually write a testimonial that praises you highly but does a poor job describing the measurable results of working with you. Help your clients craft a brief but power packed prospect-winning testimonial.

Secrets of Six Figure Coaches

Prosperity Inner Circle CoachesLast week my Prosperity Inner Circle coaches gathered for their second business think tank retreat at the St Julien in Boulder, Colorado. No longer the only brilliant brain in their business, each of them were supported to take courageous mindset leaps while crafting well leveraged and fun tactical roadmaps for their success. Needless to say, I’m in awe of how they are becoming powerful CEOs of their own coaching businesses.

We’ve been studying Barbara Stanny’s book Secrets of Six Figure Women. (Don’t let the title fool you, this book is equally relevant to men.) Here are some of the big ideas we’ve drawn from the book that are key for all coaches heading towards six figures.

Blast the Lid Off Your Coaching Income

When a client finishes coaching with you, do you scramble to replace them? If you don’t have time to grow your business because your schedule is booked delivering coaching services, then you may have hit a ceiling in your income. Ouch! I call this the money for time treadmill.

It may seem like your only option is to work more and/or charge more. Charging more may be a good idea at this point, but there are other ways to leverage your time and boost your income.

Set Coaching Fees Using the Integrity Approach

Because there are no industry standards, setting coaching fees can feel like taking a stab in the dark. Are your coaching fees setting you up for success?

You may think that lower fees will get more coaching clients. They don’t. In fact, lower fees create a perception of lower value. Remember all that you’re bringing to the table and use the Integrity Approach to set smart coaching fees. Take into account both business and intuitive sensibilities, to set fees that support your financial goals and attract more invested clients as well.

Eight Email Habits for the Successful Coaching Business

We are in the thick of the information age. Most likely, the volume of information coming at us will keep accelerating. Already it feels overwhelming, and tends to pull our focus off what’s really important. It’s not just spam that’s overflowing our inboxes. Our own procrastination, perfectionism and “bright shiny object syndrome” keep us overloaded with input.

To stay sane – and operate a profitable coaching business – good email habits are crucial. Excellent response times build credibility with colleagues, coaching prospects and clients. Besides, it just feels better to stay on top of email.

The goal is a “zero tolerance” inbox, and the key strategy is one touch for each email. Of course, that isn’t always possible, but if you start with that intention you’ll be surprised how efficient you become. Imagine cleaning out your inbox every day! And why not? You can get there with these simple steps:

How Coaches Can Get More Done in Less Time

Do you struggle to find time to work ON your coaching business? This is what I hear from coaches every day:

“I work hard but not on what will bring the results I really want.”

“I start lots of things all the time but I’m not good at completing them.”

“I open my email and before I know it half the day is gone!”

“My schedule is so full there’s no time to develop my coaching business.”

Every day I feel guilty about what I didn’t get done but should have.”

Sound familiar? What you need are systems to get more done so you can have more fun!

Five Jiu Jitsu Moves to Organize Your Coaching Business

My computer consultant was at my office last week optimizing my Macbook for my next business trip. Opening up my email, he said: “OMG, your inbox is clean!” Then he looked around my office. “Are you really this organized?” I am. To be successful I have to be.

Stuff is distracting. If your office and inbox are overflowing and you don’t like it any more, keep it clean with these five Jiu Jitsu moves:

Coaching Fees – From Fumbling to Finessing the Money Conversation

Have you ever choked when it came time to tell a potential new client your coaching fees? It’s embarrassing. And it could be a factor in why they felt uncomfortable with your fees or didn’t hire you. But don’t worry. You can turn the tide on this problem with just a few shifts in your mindset and approach.

Fear about asking for coaching fees stems from learned beliefs about money and self worth that don’t serve us (or anyone else) even though they hold sway over decisions that involve money and how we value our time. As a coach and business owner, this is a grand opportunity to shift those outmoded beliefs and habits. And, charging what you’re worth allows your ideal clients to invest in your coaching services and to value themselves more highly.

If you want to increase your coaching income, start by learning how to have powerful and effective “money conversations” and begin dissolving scarcity issues related to money for good!

Use these three tips to go from fumbling to finessing the money conversation with coaching clients.