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How to Set Your Coaching Business Goals

I know… the idea of business planning gets a big groan from most entrepreneurs. What I know for sure is that coaches who do some planning usually do better financially than those who don’t. My first big profit year came for me the first year I planned my business.

Start with a discovery process. The result is a solid jumping-off-place for a more fun and profitable year.

Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself

1. What are your personal goals for the year?

2. What are your number goals?

3. What improvements will you make to your biz?

4. Who are your ideal clients now?

5. Who do you want to play with?

6. How many promotional campaigns will you run?

Most entrepreneurs forget to plan well thought out promotional strategies and that keeps their results small. Don’t worry about the details yet, just get down the number of campaigns what you’re offering and the launch dates. Later, you can chunk down the details [1].

7. What support systems do you need to ease your way?

After these seven steps, you’ll want to create a task list and timing and action calendar.

Let’s get a discussion going about biz planning: [2] Did I forget anything you’d include? What’s been holding you back from planning in the past? How has planning helped you have better results?