Riding the Waves of Dynamic Change

The coaches I work with have big dreams. They are powerful people with awesome toolboxes and deep genius. It’s painful sometimes, but they’re letting go of outmoded mindsets and learning possibility thinking on the fly. Often their coaching business is not paying what they’re worth by a long shot, but it’s just a matter of moments ’til they bust through their income ceiling.

My job is to help coaches stay on the path with power, knowing they are in the best place, even when it doesn’t feel good. That’s when their potential is the highest and the gateways to greatness are thrown wide open.

Your coaching dreams may get derailed some days. When economic pressure is high, it’s tempting to shelve them altogether, believing there’s just too much against you. But this is the best time to keep the faith and stay on the power path. Learn to love what is, rather than struggle against it, and the reward is rich!

Staying in the Cauldron of Change

The greatest things come out of the darkest times.

  • If you can’t see what’s next… don’t strain, feel your way.
  • If you don’t know how to get where you want to go… surrender to not knowing.
  • If you’re not sure you’ve got the right stuff to make it… take heart, you do.

You are in this dynamic place called the “cauldron of change” and it’s exactly where you need to be.

Adaptive Change Process

I ran across a model for Adaptive Change in Shift magazine that is a perfect illustration for what I described above – the classic journey of a prosperous coach. (Download the article [pdf] called The Adaptive Organization by Carol Mase. The diagrams are from that article. Shift magazine is from the Institute of Noetic Sciences.)

On the left is the Old Status Quo — your old life. On the right is THE FUTURE — your new life.
The deep u-shape in between is called “the cauldron of change” — the chaos and dynamic tension of evolution. Creative juices are brewing there. Notice the roller coaster waves inside — those are the range of emotions and learning experiences you have as you transform your old life into your new life.

An up wave could be some amazing synchronous experience that legitimizes your direction, your ideas. A down wave could be a disappointing result, a less than desirable outcome or a “petty tyrant”, someone who obstructs your path. All the while you’re learning and adjusting… growing and maturing… becoming more powerful, more attractive to your clients, and manifesting your goals.

Resistance — The Emergency Brake on Success

Off to the left of the Cauldron of Change there’s a loop back to the Old Status Quo. That’s the “chicken exit”. When resistance to change arises, you have two choices:

Aborted Change Process

1. Give in to the resistance and go back to your old life.
2. Let go of resistance and stay in the cauldron of change to create your new life.

Going back to your old life really isn’t an option. Because chances are, your calling will just gnaw at you until you have the courage to go for it again. So why not summon the courage now? You’re good for it. And look to the right on the first diagram… When you come out of the cauldron you’ll be stronger, smarter and get what you’ve been looking for in your new life, plus some wonderful things you didn’t even know to look for.

Everyone on a hero’s journey has lots of help. Find allies and friends to help you take leaps on this path.

Who are your allies at these times?


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