Quick Test For Your Coaching Niche

I love quizzes and assessments because they open my mind to new perspectives. They encourage me to evolve and transform the way I think about something. How about you?

Coaches often ask me “What do you think of this coaching niche?” Sometimes I can say definitively whether a niche is worth pursuing or not. But more often I ask a set of powerful questions to draw the conclusion. When it comes to whether your coaching niche will pay off for you, what’s really important is your opinion based on a few critical factors.

So, I’ll provide the powerful questions here and you can provide the answer. Give yourself 1 point for each question where your answer is “Yes!” And let your answers educate you about how to shift your niche.

(A NOTE TO NEW COACHES or those just getting started in your business: Let these questions be a guideline to choose a highly profitable niche and set yourself up for success from the get go.)

Where the Clients Areprofessional women holds help wanted sign

1. Can you name 3 direct ways to get in front of at least 50 potential new clients in your niche right now?



If you’ve already picked all the “low hanging fruit” in your niche market — friends, acquaintances and colleagues — I’d recommend narrowing your niche. A more narrow and targeted niche helps you leverage your time and focus your message while authentically inspiring people to engage you and refer others.

Large niches such as women in transition, baby boomers, empty-nesters and many other popular niches may seem highly accessible until you realize those people don’t gather anywhere together or have much motivation to hire professional support for those issues.

A viable niche market is like a deep well where you can reliably draw out your next 10, 20, even 100 clients.

What Clients Want

2.  Do you know how to strike a resonant chord with your target audience? (Do they open your emails, comment on your blog posts, sign up for your free calls and consults?)



3. Is your leads list growing because your freebie is irresistible to them?



With some casual market research it’s easy to find out exactly what your target audience wants (instead of what you think they need). Then gear your messages and offers to speak to your target audience where they live.

When you show that you understand them — where they are now and where they urgently want to be — it’s easy to get their attention, build trust and enroll clients. But if your words and topics don’t land, they won’t respond well to your offers. The temptation is to lower your fees or give away more for free. But that’s not a sustainable strategy and may keep your business feeling more like a hobby than a career.

How Clients Invest

4. Do you know what ultimate outcomes will inspire your target audience to invest in your support?



5. If you were your target audience, would you invest in what you are offering right now? Consider whether you’d stretch yourself to invest or just go for the freebies or short term, low fee options.



Prospects become your clients when they believe your services will help them get where they urgently want to go right now. If you’ve been trying to convince them to buy what you do (coaching) instead of the outcome they want, you’re missing the mark.

The better you hit the mark about what they really want and what’s been getting in their way, the more naturally compelled they are to hire you to help them close the gap.

Who is Top-of-Mind

7. Would people in your niche market think of you first to help get where they want to go?



8. Do your services stand out in the crowd of service providers?



Too many coaches get lost in the ocean of service providers because they don’t stand out. The more narrow your niche is, the easier it is to stand out and become the go-to person for that niche market. This is your opportunity to be THE big fish in a small pond instead of a little fish in the ocean.

Okay, how did your niche do?

7 – 8 points = You chose a highly profitable niche!

5 – 6 points = Finesse or narrow your niche

0 – 4 points = Choose a more viable niche

You either have confirmation to go full speed ahead or you’ve dodged a bullet. But wherever your score landed, don’t worry. Instead set intention to finesse your niche so that you can answer YES to all of these questions very soon.

Click here for a free primer on choosing a profitable coaching niche. It’s time to do business in a way that feeds you consistently with heartful coaching clients who are hungry for what you offer.

Also I’d love to know how you did on the niche self-test and what came to mind for you as you took this test. Share your comments below and I’ll reply.

9 thoughts on “Quick Test For Your Coaching Niche

  1. Yes, Yes, Yes, this post is such a valuable tool. I wish I had come across it 20 years ago when I began my practice. Instead I fumbled around like most others taking years to do what could have been done in a week or two. Focusing ones niche is one of the highest priorities in monetizing ones purpose. I finally figured it out; how to apply my passion to become prosperous; Passion to Prosperity; http://www.passiontoprosperity.com .
    And yes, questions are very powerful tools. Statements are composed from within the data base of already attained knowledge, where as questions are a projection from within that given knowledge expanding to the unknown. How will one think outside of the box unless one asks questions? And the most powerful question I’ve ever heard is, “Who Am I?”
    Thanks so much. I will subscribe and see what other gems you have. I’m an old dog but never to old to learn new tricks. 🙂

    1. Hey Tom. Glad you found me and you’re getting “aha’s” from my posts.

      Are you getting clients from your passion-to-prosperity niche and enjoying your income while you help lots of people? I’m found those niches often don’t fly sustainably. But if you focus in on WHO you serve and WHAT they KNOW they want, it can change the flow of your business quickly and dramatically.

  2. I am adding coaching to my repertoire as a psychotherapist and am seriously considering adoptive parents, post-adoption as my niche.  I am an internationally born transracial adoptee and have been specializing in adoption for many years in my practice and am pretty familiar with a lot of the resources for adoptive parents.  They are a motivated group and also, have a shortage of services in many areas of the country.  I am confident that I could access them in time, but the only downside is how few of them there are compared to everyone else in the world.  And, if I do specialize in adoptive parents, do I make it adoption in general which would include adult adoptees or parents in  general?  Thanks, Katie

    1. Hey Kate – I try not to give advice through a short amount of text. Lots of factors and questions need to be explored to know whether this is a viable niche for you. What did you get on the test on the blog post? Thanks for engaging here.

  3. Hi Rhonda,  I notice that there was nothing on the quiz about having some innate credibility with a particular group of people in order to focus on them as a niche.  I was wondering what your thoughts were about that?  (I am casting about for a new niche. . .)

    1. Hi Karen. Thanks for commenting again. For a coach, often no previous experience or expertise is needed to work with many target audiences. There are a few where, without previous experience, it would create hesitation for new clients to enroll.

      I teach coaches how to do informal and invaluable market research. When you’re coming from a place of intimate understanding about what makes your target audience tick, trust is generated.

  4. Thanks, Rhonda.  I am also wondering, do you teach in your 10-week course how to find the people in your niche?  I can’t think of any group of people with whom I could interact at the level you speak of in this blog entry (getting in front of 50 prospective clients), except for family, friends and acquaintances.  (The low-hanging fruit that I have already worked through.)

    1. It’s all me, Karen. I love helping people find their niche/ideal target audience.
      It’s AOK that you don’t yet know who your viable target audience could be. That’s what Your Highly Profitable Niche is about — that and doing fun market research to develop your core message and irresistible offers. Hope you’ll join us!

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