The secret is to enrolling more coaching clients is surprising. Don’t coach them in the Discovery Session. coaches find their prospective clients walk away from a sample coaching session feeling “done”. It may be because a sample session is oriented around selling coaching rather than attracting the individual to what they already know they want — the vision of their ideal future.

If you want to transform your ability to enroll new clients, engage them in their own story and vision. Help them feel the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. Then tell them how you can help them close that gap.

It’s easy. Take these steps in order:

  1. Set Intention “Is it alright with you if I ask you some questions so I can learn more about you? I will also leave time to share how I help clients make progress quickly.”
  2. Get a snapshot about them. “What is your day-to-day experience like right now?”
  3. Draw out their vision for the future. “If you could have what you want 1 year from now what would that look like?”
  4. Connect them to their vision emotionally. “What would achieving _______ do for you?”  Then: “How important is this to you on a scale of 1 – 10?”
  5. Uncover the obstacles. “What been stopping you from having _______ so far?”
  6. Gather the gems. “What’s been valuable to you about this conversation so far?”
  7. Invite them in. “Are you ready to hear how I can help you achieve_______?”
  8. Light the path. (Explain your program as it connects to their specific goals.) “How would having this support help you?”
  9. Share details. (Tell them the # of sessions and other features of your program, then the price.)
  10. Help them choose. “Are you ready to get started?” Schedule their 1st session, give them a first assignment and make payment arrangements.

If by the end of these questions they haven’t gotten to “YES!” yet, coach through their objections. If they say… “I need time to think about it.” … honor that. “What do you need from me to know if this is right for you?”

Set up a follow up call in a short time. Review in a follow up email what they shared with you about what they want and connect your services to those outcomes.

After each Discovery Session, ask yourself what you did well and what you could do better. Have as many Discovery Sessions as you can to become masterful at enrollment. You can do it!

Want More Powerful Questions and a Guide to Enrolling?

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