Ep 100 – How 5 Coaches Leveraged Their Coaching Niche Into a Smart Podcast

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Show Notes

Today feels special. I’m airing my 100th podcast and celebrating my 2nd year anniversary of podcasting!

Thanks to you — binge listening and sharing Prosperous Coach Podcast with other coaches — my show has hit 60,000 downloads and listenership is growing fast!

I’m so grateful to you and to the podcasting community, which is filled with some of the kindest, most generous people I’ve met. They genuinely want every podcaster to thrive. And so I have!

And I’m here to tell you that podcasting revolutionized my coaching business. Coaches reach out to me ready to enroll because they already trust me from listening to my podcast.

That’s why I recommend podcasting to my clients. For coaches — who are willing to choose a narrow viable target audience full of seekers and taken the time to research what those people want so much they’ll invest in support to get there — podcasting is a great fit.

Think about it … if you speak directly into the ear of your target audience every week about a top-of-mind issue and how to shift it, can you imagine how that would help you attract serious clients who are ready to hire you?

It’s HUGELY impactful. It builds credibility fast and helps you reach an international audience for your niche.

Of course you have to stand out in the crowd. Podcasting is growing so fast and for every topic and target audience you can think of there’s at least one podcast already out there.

Helping coaches stand out is exactly why I encourage you NOT to sell a certain type of coaching. Instead to target a unique audience with BIG problems they want solved and gear your messaging and offers around that.

So today, as I’m celebrating my own success with your help, I also want to celebrate 5 other coaches who have just leveraged their coaching niches into a podcast. I’m so impressed with every single one of them.

They are all past or current clients in my 5 month VIP Coaching Business Breakthrough program where we started from scratch to develop strategic messaging, offers, web copy and their content strategy – podcasting – all customized for their unique target audience.

As you’re listening to this episode today, notice these 3 things:

  1. How narrow and specific each coach’s target audience is.
  2. How compelling and unique their message is.
  3. And how they are NOT selling coaching (even though they are trained and certified coaches who use coaching to help their audience reach their top goals.)

I recommend you check out their awesome websites and listen to their podcasts, which you can find on their website and also on popular podcast apps.

Then please help them by sharing their podcasts with people you know who fit their audience. Someday someone will do the same for you.

Shawna Warner and Cultivate Resilient Teens

Let’s start with Shawna Warner who just launched her podcast a few weeks ago. In Shawna’s business at Cultivating Resilient Teens.com she helps parents empower their teenage daughters to build confidence, integrity and resilience for all of life’s adventures.

I wish I’d had Shawna’s help when I was a teenager!

Shawna has a Masters in clinical social work and was a social work intern in schools. That and her personal experience raising a teenage daughter who has thrived into an awesome young adult are reasons she chose her audience and niche.

I listened to one of Shawna’s podcast episodes just the other day about 3 Simple Steps to Quiet Your Daughter’s Inner Critic and Boost Her Self Confidence and I thought, “Yes, I’m listening to that because who doesn’t need help quieting their inner critic and boosting confidence?”

The episode was so valuable AND I want to point something out that’s critical for you if you’re still considering your niche …

Sure, you could put out a blog or podcast or video about quieting your inner critic without specifying such a narrow niche.

Wouldn’t that be even better because it doesn’t limit you?

NO. It’s smart to narrow your audience and niche.

There’s so much information out there for general audiences and most of it is ignored. But when you target a specific audience like Shawna did and you contextualize everything you put out there to fit your audience’s specific circumstances, it not only has more impact but it gets more attention.

It’s a big mistake to think you want to have a bigger more general niche and audience. The more narrowly you niche the more likely it is you’ll succeed.

If you’re a parent with a teenage daughter you’ll snap to attention when you see Shawna’s podcasts, blogs and social posts. That’s why targeting works.

Congrats Shawna on your fantastic coaching business and new podcast! I love all the value you give to parents and their teen daughters!

Mona Abow and The Boundless Mindset

Next, let me introduce you to Mona Abow of TheBoundlessMindset.com. Mona helps ambitious women of color become an empowering force and a launch a lucrative business they’ll love. Beautiful message, right?

You might be wondering if it’s smart to choose narrow to a group such as women of color who are launching a business. It is!

If Mona targeted ALL aspiring business owners she’d have no traction because that marketplace is already saturated. By narrowing to women of color she makes those individuals special and they are. They have a unique perspective and challenges. They have specific desires and goals.

Mona has blown me away with how she’s quickly leveraged her audience, niche and podcast using Instagram videos and daily posts. Check her Insta feed out. I can’t resist watching her videos.

And just this week I stumbled on a promotion she’s doing for The Boundless Mindset Business Accelerator Course. She’s taking applicants now.

Mona just launched her business and podcast July 2020 – only 4 months ago – after graduating from my VIP program. Was I doing things like that 4 months into my coaching business? No! Mona is unstoppable.

You’ll love her beautiful accent and tips when you listen to her podcast called The Boundless Mindset.

Here’s another brilliant coach who just launched her business and podcast in September 2020 …

Barbara K. Andersen and Happy UN Career

Barbara K. Andersen helps United Nations professionals take ownership of their career and get recognized for their contributions.

Talk about narrow niches!

As I was helping Barbara develop her niche and business model, she educated me in the unique universe of the UN. It was clear that here was an underserved group when it comes to career coaching and support to balance their work and home life.

So many coaches decide to help people with topics like balance and career. But they miss the strategic step of narrowing the audience and contextualizing their message and offers to that audience’s world. Without that specificity it will be much harder to earn well as a coach.

Barbara and I have no doubts about the trajectory of her success with this audience. She brings so much to the table with decades of experience in the UN. She has a ready network and allies who already know her value and professionalism.

Find her podcast, Happy UN Career on her website and in podcast apps. If you know a professional working for the UN, turn them on to her podcast. The podcast will do the job of attracting Barbara’s ideal clients. And you know – what comes around goes around.

Deanna Bryant and Revive Your Midlife Marriage

Deanna’s coaching business and podcast is called Revive Your Midlife Marriage and she already has 12 highly engaging episodes out after just launching in September of 2020.

If you’re a married woman in midlife you have to listen in! You’ll love her southern buttery voice, excellent marriage tips and jazzy theme music. I listen every week.

Deanna has a compelling personal story that helped us solidify her coaching niche.

Married women need help! Deanna was smart to narrow her audience though. Midlife marriage has it’s own set of unique challenges for women.

Danielle Jernigan and Thrive After Postpartum

This soulful coach is just about to finish my VIP program and launch both her business and podcast of the same name Thrive After Postpartum.

You have to see her beautiful website and gorgeous headshots. And I think her podcast is destined to become an important cultural movement. Watch for it in November 2020.

Danielle helps black women reclaim their bodies, reinvent their identities and live a more empowered life after postpartum.

Postpartum is a misunderstood and potentially life derailing time in a woman’s life and particularly for black women who have long been socialized to believe that strong black women don’t need support.

As coaches, we know that everyone deserves support.

Danielle made several intelligent and strategic decisions for her coaching business:

  1. She chose a specific time of life that’s rife with challenge for her niche – postpartum – one where she could also integrate her personal story
  2. Then she further narrowed that niche by targeting black women, a unique audience with unique desires and challenges.
  3. She went further to identify specific areas where she supports these women based on her passions, studies and training.

Those 3 choices make Danielle’s niche potent. And when you hear Danielle in her podcast, you’ll think so too.

Shawna, Mona, Barbara, Deanna and Danielle each gave me permission to talk about their businesses with such lovely words that made my day!

I love all my clients and I’m very proud of them. I wanted to share these 5 brilliant coaches and their brands, niches, websites and messaging because they launched a podcast, which takes courage, perseverance and a desire to serve.

I’ve been helping some of my VIP clients get their podcasts developed and launched because I believe in the power of the medium. It’s not for every coach or for every audience but for some it will be worth the effort.

My podcast has not only been worth the effort for me but I truly LOVE my podcast. I enjoy creating it and giving back to coaches. And I’m grateful for how it attracts my ideal clients – new coaches who want to build a strategic business that’s meaningful and prosperous.