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What Your Headshot Says About You

I’ve been doing a lot of website reviews for coaches and consultants lately. Many are squeamish about the idea of putting their face prominently on their website. Yeah, I tried to dodge that early on too. But I came around and here’s why it’s a good idea for all service providers…

You are the face of your business and your face speaks miles about you. Your future clients want to see you before they engage with you. What would it say about you if you weren’t there to greet them when they arrive on your Home page?

But don’t worry. This isn’t about the popular notion of good looks. What matters is that your core essence comes through. Your ideal clients will see it and respond positively. Here’s how to help yourself show up for the camera and get a great set of shots:

7 Insider Tips for Great Headshots

#1 Be sure to get really good sleep, eat well, and drink lots of water the week before your shoot.

#2 Think happy thoughts while you’re looking in the camera.

#3 Smile with your eyes.

#4 Before each pose, energize yourself. Do the hokey pokey and spin yourself around!

#5 Take shots from different angles — from above, below, diagonal angles, standing, sitting.

#6 Avoid formal or complicated backgrounds. Formal is out. And complicated is… complicated!

#7 Choose a few different looks and degrees of business wear, from casual to corporate.

Headshot Secrets For Women

If You Hire a Professional Photographer (recommended)


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