There’s an art to attracting clients. I call it an art because it takes time to learn who is ideal for you and it takes conscious practice to draw them to you.

One powerful part of attraction is the words you use on your website, your Signature Program, your social posts, your freebie and your content — such as podcast episodes.

When your words resonate, you’ll have that reflected back to you. Here’s a reviewed I received about Prosperous Coach Podcast:

Rhonda’s words and energy help ground and ignite me at the same time. She takes me out of the fog and into clarity, out of stumbling into jogging steadily forward.

Wow! Thank you, Lena.

How did my words ignite Lena – someone I didn’t know before? Well, that’s the first step to enrolling a client. Let’s dig into that.

Can the Right Words Attract Your Ideal Coaching Clients?

Words are powerful and one of my favorite things in life. And it’s one of the reasons why I incorporate copywriting and copy editing into my VIP Mentoring for coaches.

What you say, the way you say it and the energy behind it can make all the difference between attracting or detracting a potential coaching client.

And in this world of rush, rush info coming at us like a fire hose, the most relevant words will be the ones that capture attention and keep it for your IDEAL prospect.

There’s a discovery process that takes place BEFORE you do anything to attract clients. — before you build your website, before you put out content and social posts, before you design your program you need to know what words will land with your ideal client. Episode 117 is all about this so check that out.

There are two ways that you can manifest clients through words.

  1. It starts by studying what words would land best with your ideal client and chosen target audience. This is actually really fun.
  2. By thinking of your ideal client while you create messaging to attract clients.

Identify Your Ideal Client with Powerful Questions

Every coach will have preferences about the best clients for them and every client will have preferences about the person to help them transform. In an ideal world there would be that excellent fit more often than not, right?

Fit is critical for excellent coaching to happen. And, fit is critical for you to earn well as a coach.

Look, if you’re attracting non-ideal clients you’re not going to be happy and neither are your clients.

If your clients are happy, you’ll have lots of referrals and testimonials — increased income. If you’re not happy, you’ll feel drained and burned out, won’t do good work in coaching and that translates to your income.

Have you ever created an ideal client profile? Some people call this an Avatar. Episode 187 lays out a step by step process and 22 questions you can answer to help you create an Avatar.

Of course, to do that you’ll have to first choose a narrow and viable audience and conduct market research to understand, in their own words, what is likely to inspire them to invest in working with you.

Give Yourself All the Advantages a Coach Needs

Few coaches do any type of market research and I think it’s a big part of why many coaches don’t succeed financially. This process is part of what I help coaches do in my 5-month VIP mentoring program called Coaching Business Breakthrough.

Market research really gets the wheels turning in your mind about your value to your clients.

I’m enrolling now for two openings in my 5-month VIP Coaching Business Breakthrough program. This is a private and high touch experience that raises your confidence as a coach and business owner while we workshop every detail of your business from the ground up.

I just enrolled a new coach from Sweden — I’m so excited to work with her — who shared that she’s tried many online training and group programs but couldn’t apply what she’d learned. I hear this all the time.

In my VIP Mentoring program, I partner with you to create every bit of your coaching business foundation, including:

This experience will help you transform from a student coach into an entrepreneur while we launch your coaching business in the most strategic way.

If you are ready for VIP hand holding, let’s collaborate to launch your coaching business together. Read more about it and fill out the application. We’ll talk soon, answer all your questions and we’ll be sure we’re a good fit — which is what we’re talking about today.

Manifest Ideal Coaching Clients with Your Heart, Mind and Words

Back to today’s topic of MANIFESTING your ideal coaching clients …

When I ask coaches who their ideal client is, they almost all say the same thing. I want a client who:

These are important for sure and yet they don’t quite define an ideal client because they are critical factors for any client.

Something amazing happens when you begin to understand your ideal client at a deeper level. Suddenly, the way you’ll attract this ideal client over and over becomes clear. You can be more authentic and strategic.

You begin to learn to manifest clients with your mind! Yes, you can do this with your mind. I really mean it.

It makes such a difference if you are holding a space for your ideal clients to come to you.

When I create a podcast episode I visualize my ideal client. I speak directly to that person. I’m calling them in with my words, with my energy and with my heart.

And, I can’t tell you how often I hear from my clients that they called me into their life too. That’s a joy I want for you.