Do you fear the idea of narrowing your coaching audience because you think it excludes people and reduces the chance of enrolling clients?

I will address that. For now, here is what I know for sure …

When you target a narrow, viable audience and discover their big problems then geat everything — your messaging, offers, web copy, social posts — to speak directly to them, everything clicks into place.

  1. You have clarity, pinpointed focus and direction.
  2. You grow confidence, understand your value and believe in yourself.
  3. You have leverage. Everything you do builds momentum.
  4. Your audience feels special so they follow you and ideal clients enroll.
  5. You can become a coach in high demand, charge more and earn more.

Let’s talk about this and relieve the worry about excluding people too.

The Big Misconception New Coaches Have

When I started as a coach, I had the misconception that niching and narrowing my target audience would make my life harder. I thought … “Well, that would mean there are less possible clients, right?”

Did you, or your family and friends, have that same misconception?

Also, I didn’t want to exclude anyone so I stayed a generalist for a few years just trying to sell coaching session packages to anyone I could.

That did not work!

I hustled and hustled, made an extremely low income, and frankly, HATED the feeling of trying to convince people to buy coaching.

Know what I mean?

When time came for them to re-up for the next month, it was always uncomfortable and I lost some clients, then had to work harder to get some new ones.

Being a generalist coach meant that:

I didn’t have any cache on any subject or with any group as the go-to resource.

I wasn’t building trust and nurturing potential clients.

It was like renting instead of owning. All my investment down the drain each month.

It was like that old movie — Ground Hog Day — remember that one? I had to start over every day.

With hindsight, I know without a doubt that finally narrowing my audience catapulted me to success because I reliably attract ideal clients and earn well — even during an economic downturn.

And, that’s why I recommend coaches narow to a viable target audience too. It’s a strategic chocie for long-term success in this coaching industry.

Stand Out in the Crowd of Coaches

Look, if all you want is a coaching client now and then and a bit of spending money, then you can afford to be a generalist.

But if you want your coaching business to be a ‘going concern’, as they say, and feed you and your family for years to come, then you need to find ways to stand out in the crowd of coaches and other service providers.

Let me illustrate the benefit of this for you … You are listening to Prosperous Coach Podcast right now because you are a coach and this podcast was designed specificially to help you. I know coaching. I know business. I know marketing. That’s why you listen, right?

Probably another coach told you about my podcast or you saw a post somewhere and it something resonated for you — a challenge or specific goal you have right now, like choosing your coaching niche.

Isn’t it extra helpful when someone you are following understands exactly where you are, where yu want to be and what’s in the way?

That is the power of narrowing and specializing!

You’ll Help More Coaching Clients

By choosing a narrow audience and focusing your niche you are setting a powerful intention for your own good. But the beauty of that intention is that it makes it easier for serious coaching prospects to find you.

When I ask new coaches WHO their ideal client is, they almost always say “someone who truly wants to be coached, will take the coaching and integrate it to make a difference in their life.”

That’s a serious coaching prospect! And they will invest more to get what they want with your help.

However, if you stay broad or general in your audience or niche, what happens is you find less serious prospects. You find short-termers. They pay less. They don’t necessarily want to do the deep work of chance. Coaching is a novel to them.

I don’t know about you … that’s NOT where I want to put my life force.

By the way, NAIL YOUR NICHE is one specific thing I help you do in a 90 minute private session. Let’s do this together!

Work with Anyone But Specialize Your Coaching Audience and Niche

Focusing your niche on a specific audience doesn’t mean you cannot work with people OUTSIDE that audience. You can!

I’ve worked with all types of business owners because they resonated with my approach and messaging. I did this as I wanted to — as I was willing to. The last 18 years I’ve focused all of my content, posts and web copy on new coaches only.

In the last 6 years I’ve made the decision to ONLY mentor coaches because that’s my sweet spot, my genius. And it’s always smart to play to your strengths.

For ease and clarity, your social posts, your content, your web copy and freebie could all be focused on one narrow and specific audience. They will feel special, follow you and hire you because you are FOR THEM not everyone. Your messages hit the mark instead go vague.

And, you’ve find it easier to create valuable content, to post on socials and get engagement, to draw the right kind of prospects to your website — becauser focusing makes it all easier.

But if someone wants to hire you who is outside of that narrow group, you can say “Yes, I will work with you too!” if that’s what you want.

Don’t worry about the pond you fish in for clients being too small if you narrow. The world is a big place and you have the whole world.

I’ve worked with coaches in 25 different countries. My podcast reaches 128 countries. You can do that too!

One More Way to Look at This

Are you still resisting this idea of narrowing?

Life is all about making choices — choosing a specific path over another.

Think of it this way … if you want to go on vacation but can’t decide where you’re going or how you’ll get there because there are so many choices and you don’t want to leave any out, chances are … there will be no vacation for you anytime soon.

Indecision about your audience and niche can keep you from having a successful coaching business because you hesitate to be strategic, to put a stake in the ground and take that risk. Those things are powerful because when you do, all of your energy gets behind it!

I challenge you … take the risk and stand out in the crowd!