When you need it most, confidence is elusive. As a new coach, you are on a roller coaster of fear, excitement and overwhelm with imposter syndrome always in your face. I know that place!

One of my current clients is in the Market Research phase of developing her coaching business, which will assist every aspect of her business — from writing the most compelling web copy and determining the milestones of her signature program, to exactly how she’ll market every day.

I’m so proud of her for diving in to do the interviews even though I could tell she was initially afraid. I was totally confident in her abilities. Which is easy for me, right?

See, she had no basis yet for confidence on that project.

And that’s what you need to know first … you cannot have confidence about something you’ve never done before, but you can have courage.

Courage is even better than confidence. It can take you anywhere you want to go!

What Assets Do You Bring to This Situation?

So, my client who was afraid … we spent some time in session talking about her assets — things that she brings to this task. She’s articulate, open and accessible, deeply caring and curious about people.

That’s why I knew she’d put her interviewees at ease very quickly for the market research and they would share what she wanted to know without pushing.

Tap into your talents and past successes to fortify you for something you don’t have confidence about now.

If you strip away all the training, all the education you’ve gotten in the school of hard knocks — your wisdom …

Even if you take away all the friends, the beloveds that surround you …

Even if you take away the things in your life — your home, your clothes, your car — what you earned …

What’s left is your essence. That precious, singular substance that is your gift to the world. No one gave it to you. You own it. It’s yours and it’s never going away.

So when I’m not feeling confident, I remember who I am and how I got here. And by the way, I’m no saint. I make mistakes all the time. I’ve experienced failures and set-backs. But that doesn’t matter. Because I’m innately valuable AND I’ve done a fork-load of amazing things in this life.

You have too.

Know Your Coaching Audience and Put the Spotlight on Them

When my clients are at the newest stage of their coaching business, I encourage them to put the spotlight on their target audience — the unique group of people they will serve with their niche.

There’s something magical about that shift from self-consciousness to curiosity about others. The fear shuts off and wonder switches on.

And there is literally nothing better you can do as a coach than to know your audience really well.

  1. Learn what they want more so much in the area of your niche that they would be willing to invest in their success by hiring you.
  2. Find out exactly what’s been in the way.
  3. Discover the language they use to describe those things.
  4. And then, find out where they are seeking solutions.

With that knowledge we can create their Signature Program and so much more for their business.

I get to see my clients go from alone, confused and lost to — in ever widening circles — having clarity, certainty and competence. It’s as if they get a masters in their audience, which becomes a Ph.D in their business.

That matures into confidence. Because when you have a business, nothing is more empowering than knowing your audience.

This is something so many coaches step over at the beginning. The spotlight is full focus on them, who they are, what kind of coaching they do. It leaves the audience out. But also, with that spotlight full force on themselves, they are more afraid, hesitant, full of doubts.

So just for review … if you want confidence but don’t have it?

  1. Raise courage. It will take you anywhere you want to go.
  2. Tap into who you are — your assets, talents, past successes — and let that confidence buoy you up.
  3. Turn the spotlight off of you and onto your audience. Become a master in understanding them.