Coaches spend a lot of money, time and hard work developing their coaching skills, niche, offers and more. Then, over the next 18 months after launch, one of three things usually happens:

  1. Some stay true to their niche, leverage everything they’ve created and earn well.
  2. Some get distracted by opportunities that don’t align and lose momentum.
  3. And some give up because they don’t have the focus or drive to stay the course.

I feel compassion for all coaches. Focus and drive requires a lot from a human being and it is not easy. But it can be learned.

You’ve probably heard that only 1 in 5 entrepreneurs make it to year two. Well, I’m serious about improving the ratio of successes to failures among coaches and do everything I can to set my clients up for success.

How can YOU be sure that you are still in business 1, 2, 5 … 10 years from now? Let’s talk about how to stick and stay true.

Distraction Steals Power from Your Coaching Niche

I’ve noticed a trend since the pandemic. People seem less focused, more distractable. I hear it in some of my Strategy Sessions and some new VIP clients. They feel all over the place with competing desires and ideas. They have trouble setting a course and sticking with it.

A big part of what I offer coaches is the mindset shifts needed so they can become more grounded, centered, certain and intentional. That’s where the power is for thriving in your coaching business.

I know this for sure, without focus you cannot be successful in any goal. Think about it. Anything that you want to achieve in life requires focus. A healthy body, marriage, career and finances. All the lasting good things in life come with focus. That’s what brings momentum and growth.

Sure, there is room for serendipity, creativity and play. And living things need a large amount of continuity also.

The best way to learn to stay focused is to limit yourself. I’m not talking about limiting beliefs. This about limiting scope. Episode 225 has 5 ways to limit yourself so you can work less and earn more. Check that out after this episode, if you haven’t already.

The first way I help coaches limit is by helping them to choose a narrow, viable audience and building a smart niche around the big problems and desired outcomes of that audience. Then everything you do in your business centers around serving that avatar within the scope of your niche.

Some people say you don’t need a niche, but I’ve seen what the lives of niche-less coaches look like and lived it for myself for a few years. Hectic, overworked and struggling to earn.

Think of any iconic person, like — Oprah, Beyonce, Tony Robbins, Brene Brown. Yhey are known for something specific and that’s how they attract followers.

If you niche well and stick to your track, audience and niche, you will become known and build momentum, which leads to reaching financial goals and contentment in your business faster.

Design Success Criteria Questions to Keep You on Track

Early on in your business you may not have the fortitude and practice yet of being decisive. You’re still learning how to think like a business owner.

One way to give yourself support is to set up Success Criteria. It is a set of questions you ask yourself to help you stay on track when sparkly new opportunities come your way.

My Success Criteria Questions are:

  1. Does this opportunity align with my chosen target audience, niche and the offers I’ve created?
  2. If yes, will this opportunity build my credibility and attract my ideal clients/avatar? (If you haven’t created an avatar for your audience yet, check out Episode 187.)
  3. If yes, do I have time to do my best in this opportunity?
  4. If yes, do I clearly understand the commitment this opportunity will take?
  5. If yes, is this the RIGHT opportunity for me where I am now in my life?

Do you see how these are powerful questions — a way to lovingly coach yourself? They slow down the knee-jerk response coaches can have when opportunities come their way. After all, it’s nice to be wanted. But saying ‘yes’ to every potential client, every speaking gig, every role you are offered quickly becomes a bad habit that slows your momentum.

You are welcome to take my Success Criteria Questions and make them your own. Or come up with your own set of questions that will help you stay on track with your dream to be a successful coach. Separate the right opportunities for you contrasted with just good or misaligned opportunities.

Once you create your Success Criteria Questions, print them out and keep the document around your desk to remind you when you are tempted to stray.

When you answer these questions answer from your integrity — your highest self. Be honest with yourself.

Another slice of chocolate cake is attractive but will it help you be who you want to be? Opportunities can be like a second slice of chocolate cake.

The more you stay on track, the more likely it is you will reach your goals.