What is a Big Idea worth to Your Bottom Line? – by Melanie Benson Strick

This is a guest post by my friend and colleague, Melanie Benson Strick, The Big Idea Catalyst…

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Ideas are a dime a dozen.”  Especially when bright shiny object syndrome kicks in and you start chasing all kinds of opportunities without any real clarity of what’s a viable business idea.

But what about a big idea?

How is that different from all the other ideas swimming around in your head?

The Big Idea is different.

It’s the idea that energizes you to play a bigger game while tapping into the core of your purpose. It’s probably something very similar to what you have always wanted to do (and started your business to pursue in the first place) but you couldn’t ever figure out how to make money with it. So you dismissed it.

A Big Idea is aligned with what’s important to you – so instead of compromising your freedom or diminishing your bank account the big idea feeds it.

When you launch the big idea it takes your credibility and impact to new heights, positioning you as the thought leader in your industry.

The key is to find the “Big Idea” that is the right one – the one that aligns with what your prospects are craving that you have a fire in your belly to bring to the world. One that isn’t a copy-cat of someone else – it brings your unique genius so it stands out as the only logical choice to the people your serve.

The Big Idea is a game changer. It causes you to shift into being the person you’ve always meant to be – someone who has the confidence to pull off an idea at this level.

Here are some examples of how a few of my clients tapped into their Big Idea:

–          A well-known six figure coach wanted to bring her trademarked branding system to more people but didn’t want to coach them all. She felt her lifestyle freedom was shrinking and she deeply desired to have more time to create and recharge. We developed a certification system to train other coaches how to use her branding program. When she launched this level of a program, she skyrocketed her credibility into a new dimension while positioning herself for an additional seven figure income stream.

–          A former Fortune 500 market researcher uncovered a way to integrate her research with profiling women entrepreneurs, wrote a book on it and propelled herself from being a best kept secret in the corporate world to a thought leader in the entrepreneurial marketplace (and added a seven figure income in the process.)

–          A dating coach who spent hours a day coaching one woman after the next, feeling completely burned out and disenchanted with the job he created for himself, uncovered his client’s most unanswered question – and developed a new line of education materials that brought him over half-a million in new revenue, his dream home and a whole new inspiration!

So what’s the key to uncovering your Big Idea?

  1. Liberation. You have to commit to let go of the stories, beliefs, habits and resources that are holding you back from accessing this next level of your evolution.
  2. Recharge. In many cases, doing things the way you’ve done them up to now has burned you out or exhausted your spirit. You may need to fuel yourself before you’ll be ready to get fired up again.
  3. Hone In. When you learn how to make decisions that are totally in sync with your genius factors and lifestyle priorities, unleashing your big idea will feel easy!

Ready to get your big idea making big money (and impact?)

About the Author: Melanie Benson Strick, the Big Idea Catalyst, helps visionary entrepreneurs and thought leaders take their ideas from conception to seven figures. From firing up your idea to activating the resources to pull it off, Melanie’s Big Idea Incubator helps you create – and sustain – big money and impact with your Big Idea.
Melanie is CEO of Success Connections, is a popular speaker on success strategies across the globe, is on faculty with StomperNet as their delegation expert, is co-author of Entrepreneur.com’s Start Up Guide


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