Why Coaches Fail – Paralysis Can Kill Your Coaching Business

Everybody knows that the odds of succeeding in an entrepreneurial business are no better than 1 in 5. But the coaching industry has plenty of undeniable success stories. And the rewards of “staying the course” and going for your dream are worth the risk many times over.

So what will make you one of those success stories? Here is one key factor:

Keep moving forward.

Create a Mastermind Group for Your Coaching Market

If you are only offering one to one coaching right now, this is the year to diversify your revenue streams. Your own Mastermind group is the easiest new program to offer. It’s a lower cost option for prospects to engage with you, and it will help you get off the money for time treadmill. As well as being a great stand alone program, a Mastermind group can be a great upsell or follow on program to a freebie, workshop or ebook.

Coaches: How Can I Support You in 2010?

Welcome to 2010! This feels to me like an especially potent new year, like anything is possible and it’s time to get really focused on what will make a difference. I’m starting:

  • my thirteenth year as a coach.
  • my ninth year working with coaches to help them build a soul-satisfying coaching business.
  • my fourth year since founding Prosperous Coach to take that mission to the next level.
  • the second year of the Prosperous Coach blog.

I’ve deeply enjoyed working with coaches, on so many levels. But one of the best things has been seeing them reach success so much faster than I did when I started. That just makes my heart sing.

7 Steps to Your Own Coaching Products, Part 3

This series covers seven steps to innovating, designing and launching your own information products:

  1. Tune into Your Niche Market
  2. Leverage Your Product Funnel
  3. Outline Your Coaching Product
  4. Map Out a Project Plan
  5. Create Your Product
  6. Create Your Marketing Campaign
  7. Get Set to Deliver

Part 1 talks about the first three steps. Steps 4 and 5 are covered in Part 2. Here’s the scoop on 6 and 7 (plus a bonus step).

Positive Thinking to Boost Your Coaching Business

The Law of Attraction gets a lot of airplay in the personal development and coaching industries. But sometimes visualizing what you want doesn’t bring the results you’re looking for. What’s missing?

Whether the Law of Attraction actually “works” is a metaphysical question. But if you’re inclined to believe there’s something to it, as I am, there is a more interesting question to ask:

  • How do you sustain prosperity thinking through the ups and downs that inevitably come with building a coaching business?

A lot of popular abundance media, such as The Secret, tends to gloss over pieces that are essential to true prosperity, such as: