3 Wisdom Tips To Master Your Coaching Business

Have you ever had a revelation about your coaching business and then realized how much time and heartache it would have saved if you’d only known that earlier? Let’s share those flashes of wisdom so everyone benefits. Here are three of my favorites.Your coaching business as a tree seedling, an unfinished work of art

#1 You are Primed to Thrive on This Journey

Are you beating yourself up for not being who or where you wanted to be by now? Do you wonder if you have what it takes?

Everyone does at some time. The trick is… don’t wait for the proof of your bright future to believe that you can have it …or you’ll never get there.

Easy Ways to Publicize Your Coaching Business Blog, Part 1

If you’re following my advice, you may have decided that the online home for your coaching business will be a blog. Perhaps you’ve already launched your new blog, or you’re getting ready to. Now the question is how to build your audience.

There are dozens of ways to drive traffic to your blog, including search engine optimization (SEO), affiliates and joint ventures, advertising, press releases and more. SEO is a must, but that’s for another post.

But to produce results, many traffic building techniques require long lead times and significant investments of time and money. Here I’m going to focus on the first of three ways to publicize your blog that you can easily do yourself and that may get you some quick traction. Two more ways coming.

First, a word about the essential preliminary step.

5 Simple Steps to Your Own Coaching Business Blog

Many coaches are launching a blog rather than a static website, to boost list building and attract more pre-qualified clients. A blog site is not limited to the blog content alone; it can include whatever static pages you want, to introduce your offerings to your market. (Just look at mine!) If you’re ready to build your own dynamic blog site, follow these five steps to prepare for launch.

How to Enroll Coaching Clients in Any Situation

Dr. Reba J. Hoffman, a former member of Prosperous Coach, has had a lot of wins in her coaching business. Recently she shared a client enrollment story that tickled me so much I had to pass it on.

Everyone who goes through the process of building a coaching business will encounter skeptics who just don’t “get” how valuable coaching can be. If any part of you feels inadequate or unsure of your value, it’s easy for prospects to find that button and push it.

But if you believe solidly enough in yourself and in the power of coaching, you won’t be put off by off-putting opinions about coaching.

When Reba ran into someone with a negative attitude toward coaching, she met it head on, with a very edgy, coach-like response that shifted the experience for both of them. Here is Reba’s story:

Free or Barter Coaching – Should You Do It?

For any coach at any time, but particularly when you’re just starting your business, you might be tempted to get a client by offering free or barter coaching. Should you? There are more reasons not to than you might think.

No fee coaching does have its place (see the last paragraph). But if your goal is to earn a successful living by offering soul-satisfying coaching, it’s usually counter-productive to give it away, except in a sample session. Here is why:

#1 Damaging the co-creative relationship

Coaches often have the heart of altruistic caregivers. If you love to help others and are generous to a fault, being a coach will give you many opportunities to learn balance around giving. This strength, when overused, comes with a high price to your integrity and to your clients.

I’ve been there. I understand that heart-tugging reaction to come to their rescue, when a prospect says they can’t afford your services but they so clearly need help. It’s a RED FLAG.

How to Fill Your Coaching Workshops Without Hype

It’s a blast when your coaching workshops fill and your ebook sells hundreds of copies! Using language that strikes a chord with your coaching market is a highly creative and satisfying process. Learning how to write compelling copy is essential to your success. This guest post by my friend and well-known copywriter, Michele PW, will open your mind to the art and power of sales letters.

Do those long-copy sales letters actually work?

This is one of those questions I get ALL the time.

“I never read those long-copy sales letters. They can’t possibly work, can they?”

“MY target market doesn’t read those long-copy sales letters, they want shorter letters.”

“I can’t imagine anyone reading that much.”

And so on.

7 Steps to Get Back On Track when Life Derails Your Coaching Business

Ever feel derailed from your best laid coaching business plans? Sometimes holidays, illness, family crisis — things that require your immediate attention — can stop your momentum cold.

Every business owner gets derailed by life sometimes. The key, of course, is how you respond. Feeling guilty about what’s not getting done and disappointed that you haven’t “made it” yet will only prolong the stall. Be compassionate with yourself, and use these seven steps to get back on track quickly.

1. Align your expectations with your commitment

Human beings run into all sorts of trouble when our expectations exceed our commitment to success. We’ve put too much stock on the desired outcome and not enough on the experience of getting there.

Think of your coaching business as a journey, not a destination. Then, any unexpected delay or side-trip is simply part of the adventure. Present results don’t define you or your future. Your identity is measured from within, not by what you’ve accomplished.

Think about it… If you’re wholly committed to your own success, then: