How to Create a High Ticket Coaching Package

Is it time for you to have your own high ticket coaching package? If you prefer to work with clients at a deep level, but want to move on from classic one to one coaching into long term group coaching, then you’re ready to create a bundled program your clients will love! And why not significantly amp up your profits while you’re at it?

Go for high quality, high impact time with your clients. But be sure to play to your strengths while also considering what people in your market really want. Some markets will be too busy for individual calls and prefer live events at an exciting destination where they can tack on vacation time. Some markets will want more “hand holding”, so you’ll want to load on opportunities for both group and private support.

Bundle Together Lots of Goodies

It’s really “anything goes” when it comes to designing your high ticket coaching package so feel free to get really creative as long as you know it will please you and your market. Here are a few tried and true features you can mix and match.

Keep in mind, what makes a program worth the big ticket price is proximity to you and in depth experiences.

Create a High Ticket Coaching PackageGroup calls — Offer one type or a combination of group coaching, mentoring, educational teleseminars, and/or mastermind calls.

Small group support —Break your larger group into sub-groups with mini-masterminds or monthly or weekly accountability buddies.

Private coaching by phone — Include 1:1 sessions of any length that are pre-scheduled or set “open coaching” time periods on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Live events — These could be private or group half-day or full-day intensives or retreats.

Online connection — Provide some sort of low touch venue for members in your group to connect, ask questions, share wins and challenges, such as private social networks or Q&A forums.

What’s Learning You? Lessons from Your Coaching Biz

The title of this post is not a typo – what’s learning you? Before you spur yourself into your future again, take a minute to bring with you the gifts of 2010. Truly integrate what you’ve learned and 2011 will be juicier, bigger and more fun for you!

Almost everyone I know has been in a big boiling cauldron of change in 2010. You too? I feel like I’m finally out of that hot water and into the grace of enjoying what I learned in that uncomfortable time.

What I learned in 2010.
So, I want to hear about what’s ‘learning’ you. In other words, are you changed by what’s happened this year?

What has had you on your growing edge?

How have you transformed?

What were the big aha’s?

5 Things that Learned Me in 2010

I’ll start by sharing my big aha’s this year, then you jump in, okay?

Less is More

At her recent Recurring Revenue Revolution event in Las Vegas, Milana Leshinsky said something that stopped me in my tracks.

“Just because something is accurate doesn’t mean it’s useful.”

Wow! Isn’t that the truth?

Social Networking Tools for Coaches – by Lara Galloway

This is a guest post by the Mom Biz Coach, Lara Galloway…

In one of my mom entrepreneur coaching groups, I was recently asked the following question:

Of the various marketing tools and methods you use, which has yielded the best financial return?

Business owners are smart to ask this question, since we need a way to justify our expenditures (of time, effort, and energy). There are so many ways we could spend our precious resources. But I’ll share with you my favorite marketing tool of all time – and it doesn’t cost me a dime.

Twitter-Follow Me

My favorite marketing tool is TWITTER. I get several leads a day directly from Twitter. About 95% of my business comes from Twitter alone. That’s why I’m so passionate about it. Let me give you an example.

A while back I hosted a teleseminar with my coach, Rhonda Hess, about automating your sales process to attract thousands of ideal clients.

3 Coach Archetypes – Which Are You Today?

Each coach brings deep skills, world wisdom and powerful purpose to the table. But some excel in their coaching business more consistently than others. Why is that? Mindset is the make or break factor in our success on any given day. The good news is, we control the messages we feed ourselves.

If you want to bring in more consistent results in your coaching business, pay attention to the archetypes you embody – the pattern of thoughts and behaviors that you play out – they will help you consciously change and grow.

The 3 Coach Archetypes

Watching myself and my clients closely for the last decade, I’ve noticed that coaches often default into one of three behavioral patterns:

brave hearted coach

  • Some coaches are perpetual students, always engaged in consuming information. These knowledge seekers may be steered by possibility thinking, but they distract themselves from taking persistent high payoff actions.
  • Some coaches are perfectionists. They may “tear up the ground” getting things done, but their belief that nothing they do is good enough takes the power out of their actions.
  • Some coaches are brave hearts who are 100% committed to their own success. They cultivate both the courage and capacity to manifest what they most want, by adjusting to a powerful mindset while taking high payoff actions.

Let’s take a closer look at the three archetypes. While you do, notice which one is your default for now. This doesn’t define who you are; it’s just the pattern you’ve currently settled into. You have the power to love yourself into a more powerful way of thinking and doing. Trust that.

Ten Handy No-Cost Online Tools for Your Coaching Business

A secret to enjoying your coaching business is staying organized. There are so many great tools available online to help you. Most are no cost and easy to use. Here are ten of my recent favorites.

Free Conferencing
Want to do your own teleclasses or meet with a client on a bridgeline so you can easily record the call? There are lots of free bridgelines now, but this one is the best because you can have up to 1000 people on your call without a reservation, and it shows you who dialed in!

Oovoo Video Conferencing
If you’d like to look your clients in the eye, then this video conferencing solution is for you. Send your clients the link and the two of you can chat virtually while face-to-face.

Time Zone Converter
Do you have international coaching clients? Find out the time anywhere in the world with this time zone converter so you can coordinate schedules.

Survey Gizmo
Find out exactly what’s important to your target market. Create quizzes and surveys for your coaching clients and prospects. This online app is sleeker and more user friendly than Survey Monkey. It has nifty options for responses to your questions, including drag and drop ordering.

Consults: The #1 Easiest Way to Enroll Coaching Clients

Are you offering consults to prospective coaching clients? If not, I hope by the end of this post you will take my 90 day challenge and find out how the habit of giving consults can bring you clients right now. In fact, I double dog dare you to find anything better to enroll new clients into your high value programs!

It’s easy to pour your time into Internet marketing, thinking that social networking and blogging alone will get you all the clients you need. But those methods are best for building a leads list and bringing you future clients. If you want more coaching clients right nowreal time connection is still the easiest, most direct and most effective way to engage new clients. And it’s fun!

Enrolling is a simple coaching skill that will do more than any other approach to get you high paying private clients. And you can easily adapt the enrollment process to preview teleclasses and public speaking, to enroll people into your group programs too.

Should I Give a Sample Session or Consult?

Enrolling Clients with Sample Sessions or Consultations

Most coaching schools recommend delivering a full blown coaching session as a sample to enroll clients. There’s nothing better for stretching your coaching skills as you’re first getting started. And, if you are vigilant about keeping your time boundaries, avoiding over-delivery, and acing the close; prospects will become your clients through sample sessions.

But, after a while, you might find that sample sessions are too time consuming. Coaches also tell me that in sample sessions they tend to focus more on their technique than engaging the client. From sample coaching, prospects often slip away from the full session feeling “done” rather than primed for long-term support.

A different approach is to set up a short, themed consult as a simple discovery process to enroll clients. You still get to use your coaching skills – asking powerful questions and listening – to quickly uncover where your prospect wants to go, where they are now, and the gap in between.

Then it’s easy to show them how you can help them bridge that GAP.

5 Tips To Make More As A Coach

Last year, the coaching industry magazine choice featured an issue devoted to “The M Word” — too discreet to even print the word in large type. Money is perhaps the most taboo topic, yet it’s in the back of every coach’s mind – how to make more of it, more easily and consistently.

For me, it boils down to this question – why do some coaches make more than others? I’m studying this right now, not only for myself, but also for coaches who seem to only get pro bono or trade clients. And for the coaches who continuously over-deliver, under-fill their business, place a low value on their services, and haven’t yet realized how the power of coaching grows when clients fully invest in themselves.  It can be different for you, if you really want it to be.

Financial success in coaching

The Big Secret

The #1 reason why some coaches make more than others — they ask for it! That’s the big secret.

You’ve heard “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”. That applies here too. It’s not about being smarter – except for the fact that they are smart enough to ask. You don’t need more coaching skills and certifications. And it’s not about having more experience or being better at coaching and marketing. But you do have to believe in yourself enough to ask for more.

People who make a great living in coaching think strategically about money often enough to plan for it. They analyze their sales, and innovate ways to increase them. That doesn’t mean they are obsessed with the bottom line or less heartful than other coaches. In fact, some of the highest earning coaches are very spiritual in their approach to business, knowing that abundance means there’s enough for all.

What else do coaches who earn more know, that you can apply right now?

What Keeps Coaches From Narrowing Their Niche Enough?

Who, besides me, says that narrowing your coaching niche is the shortest, smoothest road to success in coaching? Coach training schools, industry leaders, business gurus – and of course, coaches who have done this. We all agree that choosing a viable coaching niche is the first key step to a sustainable coaching business.

So why don’t more coaches give themselves this powerful advantage?

I want your input on this, and here is what I’ve repeatedly heard from coaches so far:

  • “I don’t know what makes a niche viable.”
  • “I thought I had chosen a viable niche, but I guess I didn’t, because it’s not working.”
  • “Don’t I have to be an expert to target a narrow niche?”
  • “I don’t know how to narrow.”

All understandable. So, let’s break these down one by one.