Riding the Waves of Dynamic Change

The coaches I work with have big dreams. They are powerful people with awesome toolboxes and deep genius. It’s painful sometimes, but they’re letting go of outmoded mindsets and learning possibility thinking on the fly. Often their coaching business is not paying what they’re worth by a long shot, but it’s just a matter of moments ’til they bust through their income ceiling.

My job is to help coaches stay on the path with power, knowing they are in the best place, even when it doesn’t feel good. That’s when their potential is the highest and the gateways to greatness are thrown wide open.

Four Roads to Coaching Success

There are certain topics you love to coach around, right? Things like transition, life purpose, wellness, legacy building, spirituality, full potential… coaches do love the inner realm.

Those are juicy topics. But they’re a hard sell. People aren’t lining up to buy those things. In this economy, if you’re doing self-actualization coaching, your services are likely to be perceived as a luxury. And you know what that means. You’ll be the first to go when they cut their expenses.

It’s time to make sure your services are seen as essential. Let me help you with that.

How Coaches Can Get More Done in Less Time

Do you struggle to find time to work ON your coaching business? This is what I hear from coaches every day:

“I work hard but not on what will bring the results I really want.”

“I start lots of things all the time but I’m not good at completing them.”

“I open my email and before I know it half the day is gone!”

“My schedule is so full there’s no time to develop my coaching business.”

Every day I feel guilty about what I didn’t get done but should have.”

Sound familiar? What you need are systems to get more done so you can have more fun!

Get Your eBook to Market!

You’ve been wanting to get your ebook published for what… years? It’s time to break through procrastination and make it happen now.

If you’re like most coaches, you’re swimming in good ideas. But it’s the not knowing how to do a thing that keeps you from taking action.  Let me walk you through the simple steps to getting your ebook on the market.

Coaching Clients – Can We Want Too Much for Them?

Many years ago, Thomas Leonard, founder of the first coach training school and the “father of life coaching,” said:

Never want more for your clients than they want for themselves.

That woke me up! I began to examine my motivations and set healthier boundaries for myself with clients.

Have you ever sensed that you might want too much for your clients?

Most coaches fall into this trap on some level, until they let go of their desire to effect change on their clients, and replace it with an understanding that what is best for the client is only what the client is ready to commit to change within themselves right now.

We can never know the path of another person. If we react protectively, anticipating our client’s pitfalls and mistakes, are we keeping them from valuable experiences that may bring success more quickly? If we jump in to solve their problems and salve all their hurts too vigorously, will we somehow take away their power?

Revenue Streams – Create Marketing that Pays You

A practice full of one to one coaching clients – is that what you’re going for?

It’s smart to get clients in the door and build your market presence. But if you want a six figure coaching business, one to one clients is only half the story. As soon as you can, add in other revenue streams. This will keep you off the money for time treadmill and help you break through the glass ceiling in your coaching income.

I recommend you start by creating marketing that will pay you! Educational marketing is the best way to attract clients. When you put out valuable information products, each product markets your coaching business by building credibility in your target market. And, you get paid while you market.

Some people call these kinds of revenue streams “passive revenue”. Actually, there’s nothing passive about creating a book, ebook, CD set or any other product! However, your investment of time is front-loaded into the creation of the product and the marketing system. Then, these revenue streams pay you multiple times without you having to be there to “deliver the goods”. Once they are in front of your target market, they can pay you when you’re not working.

To make this work, first be sure that you’re aiming your coaching services at a well-defined target market. Then you can generate a whole string of information products and services that work together in what’s called a marketing funnel. If your market is broad, or you just bill yourself as a generalist (life coach, business coach, etc.), it will not be easy create a marketing funnel.

Attract Coaching Clients Now – How to Talk to Prospects and Win Them!

Have you ever felt nervous or inarticulate when talking to a coaching prospect? You know the moment of truth is upon you… it’s time to enroll this new client — but how?

With practice, this process is effortless. Follow these seven steps to winning conversations with prospects. The first two steps of having powerful conversations with prospects begin before you meet the prospect.

Step #1 – Understand Your Target Market

Don’t make the mistake of just trying to get any client. Champion a single target market instead. If you have expertise in your market, tap into your insider knowledge. Otherwise research what motivates them by having a few informational interviews with folks in your chosen market. Take a look at these targeted coaching markets and their top challenges:

Coaching Success – Charge What You’re Worth

Sometimes, to get better results in your coaching business, all you really need is a mindset shift. So many life coaches make a less than stellar income, and their mantra: “How do I get more clients?” rolls around in their heads continuously. Eventually, that focus builds more scarcity than prosperity.

Some wise person said: “How we do anything is how we do everything.”

It’s true. And I say:
How we think about anything is how we experience everything.

When you set your coaching fees and tell prospects about them, give yourself the advantage of a powerful mindset as a solid foundation for your success.

Integrate these Four Power Concepts together to charge what you’re worth.