Where Coaches Find Confidence

Confidence is a funny thing. When you have it, you don’t notice it. But if it’s absent, you sorely miss it.

What coaches suffer from most is not a lack of coaching clients, opportunities or income. It’s a lack of confidence. When you’re missing confidence, all those things you’re wanting — clients, opportunities, income — seem to dwindle as well. And it’s a circular problem, because you’re hoping to gain confidence when you achieve what’s been elusive to you. But how will you muster the strength to achieve your goals if you’re feeling like you’re not competent?

What’s really going on here is a chronic discounting of all you’ve learned and all you’ve achieved already!

How to Own Your Coaching Niche

Is your coaching perceived as essential or as a luxury? Your market tells you how they see you every day by either buying what you sell, or passing.

If you’re a generalist selling life coaching, or you’re aiming at a broad market that’s hard to find and doesn’t have you top-of-mind, it’s time to sharpen your focus.

Focus your coaching services on one unique coaching niche — an accessible group of people with a critical problem you can help them solve. That’s how you “own” your market.

Eight Email Habits for the Successful Coaching Business

We are in the thick of the information age. Most likely, the volume of information coming at us will keep accelerating. Already it feels overwhelming, and tends to pull our focus off what’s really important. It’s not just spam that’s overflowing our inboxes. Our own procrastination, perfectionism and “bright shiny object syndrome” keep us overloaded with input.

To stay sane – and operate a profitable coaching business – good email habits are crucial. Excellent response times build credibility with colleagues, coaching prospects and clients. Besides, it just feels better to stay on top of email.

The goal is a “zero tolerance” inbox, and the key strategy is one touch for each email. Of course, that isn’t always possible, but if you start with that intention you’ll be surprised how efficient you become. Imagine cleaning out your inbox every day! And why not? You can get there with these simple steps:

Boost Coaching Business Visibility with a Blog

Lately, lots of coaches are asking me:

  • Should I start a blog?
  • How will it help me build my coaching business?
  • How can a blog be more effective at attracting ideal clients than my coaching website?

All good questions we’ll explore here. First…

What is a blog?

There are many kinds of blogs. Some people create hobby-type blogs to post their musings or recommendations. Many bloggers offer political commentary. And, blogging has emerged as a powerful way to establish visibility and credibility with business prospects.

Riding the Waves of Dynamic Change

The coaches I work with have big dreams. They are powerful people with awesome toolboxes and deep genius. It’s painful sometimes, but they’re letting go of outmoded mindsets and learning possibility thinking on the fly. Often their coaching business is not paying what they’re worth by a long shot, but it’s just a matter of moments ’til they bust through their income ceiling.

My job is to help coaches stay on the path with power, knowing they are in the best place, even when it doesn’t feel good. That’s when their potential is the highest and the gateways to greatness are thrown wide open.

Four Roads to Coaching Success

There are certain topics you love to coach around, right? Things like transition, life purpose, wellness, legacy building, spirituality, full potential… coaches do love the inner realm.

Those are juicy topics. But they’re a hard sell. People aren’t lining up to buy those things. In this economy, if you’re doing self-actualization coaching, your services are likely to be perceived as a luxury. And you know what that means. You’ll be the first to go when they cut their expenses.

It’s time to make sure your services are seen as essential. Let me help you with that.

How Coaches Can Get More Done in Less Time

Do you struggle to find time to work ON your coaching business? This is what I hear from coaches every day:

“I work hard but not on what will bring the results I really want.”

“I start lots of things all the time but I’m not good at completing them.”

“I open my email and before I know it half the day is gone!”

“My schedule is so full there’s no time to develop my coaching business.”

Every day I feel guilty about what I didn’t get done but should have.”

Sound familiar? What you need are systems to get more done so you can have more fun!

Get Your eBook to Market!

You’ve been wanting to get your ebook published for what… years? It’s time to break through procrastination and make it happen now.

If you’re like most coaches, you’re swimming in good ideas. But it’s the not knowing how to do a thing that keeps you from taking action.  Let me walk you through the simple steps to getting your ebook on the market.